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Chinese language wurm translate

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I created the mod for Wurm Unlimited translates UI, skills, items, recipes, animals etc to Russian. But I'm pretty sure you can use it to translate to any other language. I doesn't support it a lot but it works good with current version of the game client.

If you translate files to another language, you may send files to me and I'll add them to repository.



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People sometimes underestimate the amount of work that would be necessary to really translate Wurm into another language.


Translating individual words, item names, etc. is one thing, but grammar is another, and would require extensive changes to code in order to reflect the differences between languages in terms of how those words are actually put together. I couldn't say exactly what effort is involved or what the best solution is, just that it would be a lot of work; more than most people would think.

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On ‎12‎/‎18‎/‎2016 at 9:15 AM, Zekezor said:


Translations? oh yea, lets have 2 billion gold spammers and kids in trade chat and tons of people talking in global in their own language....


Lots of effort and minimal new customers.

Seems like you just racially profiled 1.2+ billion people.


+1 to this thread, but it must be achieved with minimum effort for a cost-effective basis. Realistically they will probably ban the game anyway though. Mandarin would have to be the primary language of translation, as someone else has said, since it is the spoken majority.


I suggest Japanese as well since English is routinely taught as a second language in Japan early on. Although, it is generally not remembered well upon adulthood or pursued. It will still give a minimum basis of communication. Over the years of playing wurm I have met people who I had trouble communicating with and I've never held it against them. Their English has grown drastically.


Kudos to those people who have improved and the effort they have given.

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