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Alt+Tab and minimize

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ive got a problem ever since i got a new pc with a ATI gfx card.. wurm crashes on  me if i alt tab or minimize the game.. it will open up again if i "make the window smaller" (restore down)


Cant seem to find any crash log tho...




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Many games have issues with alt tabbing. Sometimes it works fine for a while then crashes. Sometimes the issue is made worse by certain secondary programs running in the background. 

These are things that have helped me with various games over the years:


1) keep open a copy of Notepad maximized full screen, it uses very little memory and seems to be a lot more "alt tab friendly" for the game to switch to. I used this a lot with Bethesda games as they often crashed with alt tabs for me. 

2) Instead of running full screen, run at windows resizeable and then maximize the window to run full screen. Taskbar is at the bottom and even regular alt tabs seem to crash less, but you still get close to "full screen" experience.

3) be super selective about what background programs are running. If your browser is open, try to keep it to one tab only, avoid memory hogs like You tube if possible. The more your browser is running, the more likely a game will crash on alt tab.

4) Be sure to get your graphic drivers direct from AMD and NOT from microsoft or computer maker. Never rely on windows update even if they tell you you have the bestest greatest up to datest drivers ever.

5) use a clean boot before gaming sessions and try to run as little as possible in the background. 

6) Switch your computer to run at  best performance  and not best appearance. (see Turn Off Visual Effects here)


See Also:  

Why PC Games Struggle With Alt+Tab and How to Fix it


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