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** Recipe goal completers! If you don't care what recipes you want, you can PM me screenshots of your cooking journal and which goal you are trying to reach. I will do the rest.**

**Yes, I will be offering discounts/swaps-10% off of orders of 100 recipes. Large orders may take a few days**


Now selling some natural/bulk goods, archaeology items, and cooking supplies, as well as recipes. Almost everything can be COD'd at a cost of 1c from a new, fast mailbox (10c for barrels, 1i for recipes) each or picked up from J16 Indy. Bulk goods are pick up or wagoner on Indy, though I may be able to deliver to some coastal areas, if you ask!  I have a merchant at CLUB Market, by Haven's Landing with a small sample of recipes, cooking items, rares, and barrels of bulk ingredients.


I accept payment in silver and sleep powders (1s each), but I accept barter as well!


Barter/Swaps accepted for payment:


      Bulk ql peat, ash, kindling (1s/1k)

      Small or large nails, 20 ql+ ( 1.5s/1k)

      Planks/shafts/pegs, any wood, 20ql+ (1s/1k)

      Large crates (10c each, any wood/any ql)

      White dotted flowers (15c each)

      Blue & purple flowers (1c each)

      Moonmetal lumps

      70 ql+ bronze, gold, silver, electrum, brass, copper lumps

      Recipes I don't have/drop rare/supreme and fantastic recipes (send list)

      Cochineals, any ql 

      50ql+ ql logs 

      Stonecutting or mining  potions 

      Bronze lamps, 40ql 

      Rare statue fragments-Worg, Vyn, Fo, Mag, Tich, or alloy/moonmetal frags of any statue. 




Recipes- 10c, includes the subrecipes, if you need them. Subrecipes alone (at the bottom) are 3c. COD is 1i per recipe. Recipe count: 624!  (How many are there? I don't know. I'm hoping there's an achievement to let me know!)


Desserts and sandwiches -10c each - Baking skill:


Apple crumble cake+

Bacon butty
Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich
Baked cheesecake
Baked berry cheesecake
Baked chocolate cheesecake

Baked fruit cheesecake
Baked lemon cheesecake
Berry biscuits

Berry muffin
Berry pie
Berry tart
Berry trifle
Black forest gateau
Boiled egg sandwich
Breakfast muffin

Campaign bread
Carrot cake

Cheese and tomato sandwich
Cheese and tomato swirls
Cheese muffin
Cheese scone
Cheese toast

Cheese sandwich

Chocolate biscuit
Chocolate cake

Chocolate chip biscuit

Chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate chip muffin

Chocolate cookie

Chocolate toffee trifle

Christmas cake


Cottage pie

Cucumber sandwich+

Custard creams

Custard tart+
Dessert pizza+
Digestive biscuit

Double chocolate muffin
Egg nog
Egg salad crostini
English tea scone

Fairy cakes
Fish pasty

Fried egg sandwich
Fruit biscuits
Fruit bread

Fruit cake
Fruit muffin
Fruit pie
Fruit scone
Fruit tart

Fruity cookie

Game pie
Garlic bread
Ginger biscuit+
Ginger cake
Ginger cookie

Haggis with whisky sauce

Ham sandwich
Hawaiian pasty

Hot cross bun<---new Easter recipe
Hot dog
Iced biscuits+
Iced muffin

Jaffa cake

Jam scone

Jam sandwich

Jammy dodgers

Kyara lime pie
Lavender cookie+

Lavender honey cake

Lemon drizzle cake

Lettuce pasty+
Meat pasty
Meat pie

Nutty cookie
Olive bread

Open sandwich
Plain muffin
Plain scone
Plain sponge cake

Pork pie
Pumpkin pie

Raspberry pi

Raspberry trifle

Retrograde pie

Rocky road crunch bars
Rolf's favorite sandwich

Snook pie+
Spiced apple

Spiced biscuits

Spiced bread+

Spiced cookie

Spicy cheese scone+
Sponge cake

Steak and ale pie

Strawberry trifle

Syrup sandwich
Veg pasty
Victoria sponge cake+

Meals- 10c each - Hot food cooking skill:


Bacon stuffed mushroom
Baked apple
Bangers and mash
Battered fish and chips

Bearshark burger

Breakfast of squaddies
Budda's terrible pasta dish
Bug guts stew
Butter meat curry

Campania style fennel

Candied rose petals
Carrot crisps
Cheese and onion crisps

Cheese and onion stuffed mushroom
Cheese stuffed mushroom
Cheesy fish casserole
Cheesy fish paella
Cheesy baked potato
Cheesy meat paella
Cheesy meat stir fry+

Chocolate coated berry

Chocolate coated nut

Chocolate coated rose petals

Chocolate toffee

Classic curry+

Corn dog

Corn crisps

Corned beef and cabbage

Crab bisque

Cream of cucumber soup

Cream of tomato soup
Dandelion bread pudding
Deep fried haven bar
Doner meat kebab
Doner fish kebab

Dragon jalfrezi+
Fish cake
Fish casserole
Fish curry
Fish filet meal
Fish gulasch

Fish gulasch with wine
Fish jalfrezi
Fish korma
Fish madras
Fish meal
Fish passanda
Fish paella
Fish pie

Fish soup
Fish stew
Fish stew with dumplings
Fish stir fry
Fisherman's hut pie+

Fisherman's soup

Four seasons pizza

Fowl curry+

Fried dandelions+
Fried slice

Frikadeller with creamed cabbage
Fruit drops
Fullhouse pizza

Ginger toffee
Green fish curry
Green meat curry
Green veg curry
Grilled fish and chips
Hawaiian pizza
Herb dumpling

Hissing stew+

Honey pancake
Hunter's stew
Lamb and mint crisps


Lemon fowl

Lemon marmalade
Lovage soup+


Macaroni cheese
Marine's stew


Meat burger
Meat casserole
Meat curry
Meat goulash
Meat goulash with wine
Meat jalfrezi
Meat korma
Meat madras
Meat passanda
Meat paella

Meat ravioli
Meat soup

Meat stew

Meat stew with dumplings
Meat stir fry
Meatballs and potato

Meatballs and spaghetti

Mint humbugs

Mint toffee

Mushroom bhaji
Mushroom stir fry

Nut roast

Nutty meat paella+
Nutty meat stir fry+

Onion bhaji
Onion crisps

Onion rings
Ox tail soup
Oven roasted chestnut
Pandalet's One True Pizza

Pasta ai funghi
Pasta carbonara

Pasta napolitano

Pansy petal pancake
Pizza margherita
Pizza marinara
Plain crisps
Plain popcorn

Plain toffee

Poppies golden spaghetti
Pumpkin crisps

Pumpkin jam

Ravioli in spiced butter sauce
Red fish curry

Red meat curry

Red veg curry

Rice pudding

Roast meal
Roast beef crisps
Salt and vinegar crisps
Salted popcorn
Scotched egg
Sea me omelette+
Seven flower pizza+

Shami kebabs+

Shark tooth soup
Shish fish kebab
Shish meat kebabs
Shrimpiie gumbo
Simple pasta+

Spaghetti bolognese

Special fried rice

Special pike gulasch+

Stew (fish) with dumplings

Stew (fish fillet) with dumplings

Stew (meat) with dumplings

Stew (veg) with dumplings
Stuffed garlic mushroom

Steak and chips
Sweet popcorn

Tempura vegetables
Three cheese pizza+

Tich's game jalfrezi

Toad in the hole
Tomato crisps
Tomato sauce crisps

Tuna mayo baked potato

Veg curry

Veg fritter

Veg gulasch

Veg gulasch with wine

Veg jalfrezi
Veg korma

Veg madras

Veg passanda
Veg ravioli
Veg soup
Veg stew
Veg stew with dumplings
Veg stir fry
Warrior's stew
Welsh rarebit

Yorkshire pudding

Cold dishes- 10c each - Cooking parent skill


Berry cheesecake

Blueberry ice cream
Bugged fish+

Candied berry

Candied fruit

Chocolate cheesecake
Chocolate ice cream

Double chocolate ice cream
Fish maki
Fish nigiri
Fish sashimi
Flake ice cream

Fruit cheesecake
Fruit sorbet

HotS dog

Lemon cheesecake
Lingonberry ice cream
Maple ice cream
Meat sashimi
Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Orange creamsicle
Pickled ginger
Pickled veg

Plain cheescake
Ploughman's lunch
Raspberry ripple

Saucy blueberry ice cream
Saucy chocolate ice cream
Saucy double chocolate ice cream
Saucy lingonberry ice cream
Saucy mint choc chip ice cream

Saucy raspberry ripple

Saucy strawberry ice cream

Saucy vanilla ice cream
MR Whippy's dessert
Strawberry ice cream
Surimi sushi

Tako sushi

Taste explosion sushi+

Tekka maki
Tomago sushi
Vanilla ice cream
Veg maki

White fish salad

Sub-recipes-3c each  Various skills, used in multiple recipes:





Bearly a sausage

Biscuit mix

Boiled egg

Buttercream icing

Cake mix

Cider vinegar


Chocolate buttercream icing

Chocolate icing

Chocolate nut spread


Clotted cream

Corn dough


Dry pasta

Fire roasted chestnut

Fire roasted fish

Fire roasted fish fillet

Fire roasted meat

Fire roasted veg

Fish broth

Fresh pasta

Fried egg

Fudge sauce






Malt vinegar



Meat broth

Meat sausage

Mushy peas



Pickled ginger

Pickled veg


Raw meatballs

Red wine vinegar

Scone mix


Steamed fish

Steamed fish filet


Tomato ketchup

Veg sausage

White sauce

White wine vinegar

Drinks/Alcohol-10c each -Beverages skill (All alcohol recipes are the unfermented recipes, where necessary. Complete the recipes through to the final product for more recipes, if you are pursuing goals.)


Berry brandy
Berry gin 

Brown ale

Cerber's triple hops
Fruit brandy
Fruit gin
Ginger beer
Hot chocolate

Jackal special brew

Mint hot chocolate
Pale ale
Peppermint tea

Root beer
Spearmint tea



Cooking Supplies


Baking stone, mortar and pestle (marble):   50ql 15c each 

                                                                             60ql 20c each

                                                                             70ql 25c each 


Grindstone (stone):                                          50ql 10c each 

                                                                            60ql 15c each

                                                                            70ql 20c each


Fork, spoon, cutlery knife (iron or silver)     50ql 10c each 

                                              (iron)                    60ql 15c each

                                                                            70ql 20c each   

                                             (other metals)     By request


Cake tin:                                                            50ql  10c each

                                                                           60ql   15c each 

                                                                           70ql  20c each                                              


Creation ql newbie cooking items available 1c each. 



Rares, gems, & archaeology


Taking reasonable offers or swaps. 



Rare sickle, zinc, 2 ql, Seryll rune of Jackyl-3s

Rare carving knife, copper, 17ql-3s

Rare grindstone 70 ql-1s

Rare crude axe, 53ql-2s

Rare crude shovel, raspberrywood, 26ql-1s

Rare short sword, iron 30 ql- 2s

Rare large shield, iron, 90ql-5s or best offer

Rare carving knife, copper, 17ql-2s

Rare shovel, lead, 46ql-3s

Supreme copper lump, 49ql-30c

Supreme silver lump, 52ql-30c

5x rare zinc lump-10c each

4x rare silver lump-10c each

3x rare copper lump-10c each

Human skull shoulder pad, 75ql, make offer

Right layered shoulder pad, 75ql, make offer


Masks and statues:

Statue of a goblin, mountain lion, rift beast, kyklops- 3s each (all but one fragment combined plus finishing fragment, mailable)

Statue of a drake, iron-12s (finished, must be picked up/delivered)

Statue of a guard- 9s (unfinished, will mail 92+1 pieces for you to combine)

Statue of Tich, iron-8s(finished, must be picked up/delivered)

Statue of a worg-9s (unfinished, will mail 92+1 pieces for you to combine)

Mask of the enlightened- 2s

Mask of the shadow- 2s

Mask of the ravager - 2s

Mask of the isles -2s

Pale Mask -2s

Rare statuette of a swordsman, iron, 53ql-3s

Rare statuette of a swordsman, lead, 42ql -3s

Rare statuette of a digger, silver, 56 ql -3s

Statuette of a digger, silver, 47ql -50c

Statuette of a miner, tin, 52ql - 50c

Statuette of a swordsman, lead, 47ql - 50c



Archaeology wooden parts: Blueberry, Grape, Hazelnut, Lavender, Lingonberry, Oleander, Raspberry, Rose, Thorn (QL and stock varies, so please ask!)


Branches, shafts, tenons, pegs, 5c each

Arrow shafts, 1c each


Gems under 10 ql, 2c/ql or best offer:

Out of low ql gems right now




Bulk and Organic Goods


Forage/Botanize only:

Sassafras, 1800 in stock, 82ql, 1k/2s

Nettles, 1300 in stock 82 ql, 1k/2s

Nutmeg, 500 in stock 82ql,1c each

Cocoa bean, 500 in stock 72 ql, 1c each



Stone bricks, 1k in stock: 1k/2s

Rounded stone, sandstone, slate, marble, or colossus bricks (1k/2s) by order.

Stone slabs, 300 in stock: 100/1s 

Sandstone slabs, 100 in stock: 100/1s

Marble slabs, 100 in stock, 100/1s

Wemp, 99.79 ql, 4267 in stock: 1k/1s, 4s for all (w BSB)

Hops seedlings, 900 in stock, 100/1s1

Sprouts, common: 1c each/rare: 2c each (oak, willow)





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Rolf's favorite sandwich

fairy cakes

salt and vinegar crisps

digestive biscuit


tomato ketchup



to Vortexxx ty

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[14:12:51] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.


(Sent some subrecipes with the 20c ones, just in case you didn't have them)

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CoD the root beer recipe to Khellus. If you have Stout recipe id love that too

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[07:56:26] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.


Root beer sent. I don't have the stout recipe, though. It's one I'm trying to find!

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* Clotted cream

* Icing

* Tomato ketchup

* Mayonnaise


* Root beer


To Parasiticentity please, :) many thanks

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[18:18:17] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.


Both sent, thanks!

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COD  malt vinegar and mead to Kochinac pls

Edited by kochinac
figured cider recepie, just need these 2 now

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Both sent! [20:21:48] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.

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Gotta have pumpkin pie and plain toffee... and Shrimpiie gumbo... after that, please add an assortment of meals that brings it to 2s... if you would, lean toward the less complex ones with harvestable, rather than forage only ingredients... other than that, surprise me!

Please send to Megacide :)


I think I have lemon drizzle, bangers and mash, and birthday cake already. 

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ginger beer







peppermint tea

malt vinegar

White fish salad

Budda's terrible pasta dish


christmas cake



Hook it up :) cod =



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Both sent. [22:21:37] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.

 (If I forgot any subrecipes, message me. I tried to send them all!)

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[19:15:21] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.


Sent to Zerku. Working on the orders that were Pm'd now! Thanks for your business everyone. :D

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I'll like all the alcoholic drinks please, I only have rum :P cod to Mykoal thanks in advance

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^^I'll be writing up those recipes for you when I get home tonight! Thanks for ordering!

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