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FIXED > Wurm client white out when i min/max client

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This issue resolved itself.


I got no idea how or why. But now, I can minimize and re open my Wurm window and it works properly. No Wurm window white out.


Thanks whoever fixed this o7



I got a new Windows 10 computer and I got a new Wurm problem. I loaded Java (I got 32 bit java loaded onto a 64 bit computer, have not figured out how to get 64 bit Java loaded yet. This part now figured out. I ONLY have 64 bit Java on my computer.). In any event I can load and play in Wurm.


But now, every single time that I minimize my Wurm window, then maximize it, I get client white out. When that happens, I can not see any thing inside the Wurm window. It is all just blanked out white. That means that I can not even log out properly. The only way to close Wurm from that point, is to shut down the Java process in task manager.


Is there a fix for this..? I have been trying to get all my game settings like they were before.. and am still working on that. But this white out condition is not workable for me.


Thanks for your time,



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CORRECTed problem

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