Mystic Highlands Roleplay 1x 1x 4090x4096

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Greetings everyone :)


Last night saw Mystic Highlands have a hilarious Ironman/Ironlady race, it began with a medium distance run, followed by a long horse ride, then a brief swim, into a sailing boat, a long sail then back onto land and a long run to the finish line, was a lot of fun and many folks joined in, congratulations to our winners Ashlund, Josho and Dixie!


Looking forward to our Royal Archery Tournament next week!


See you there!

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I love this server. Has a great community.  Val and Kaylie do an amazing job engaging the community, whether its dungeons or events, they rock it. 

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Oyez, Oyez


Let it be proclaimed across all kingdoms and all servers that on the Day of Ants in week four of the Starfall of the Saw in 1013 (Sunday) Princess Leofflaed was today crowned Queen of Mystic Highlands by the High Priest of the Kingdom in a ceremony attended by citizens from all around the lands.


Mystic Highlands has existed almost since the start of Wurm Unlimited. It was never designed to be an easy place to live but people playing there are some of the most friendly players a visitor could wish to encounter. The citizens enjoy Wurm Unlimited in much the same way as on any other successful server, however on other occasions the role play that our server is well-known for marks us out as a kingdom with a difference and a server well worth visiting and perhaps staying a while- hopefully longer!


We have a wide variety of events that are designed to challenge as well as to create enjoyment. The last two events in recent weeks have been purely role-play events. One was a simple birthday celebration that developed into hours of fun during which many yellow potions were used and many fireworks launched into the sky. Cooks and brewers from these lands are responsible for making and bringing the feasts -everything is player-made and no short-cuts are used.


The event we had yesterday was purely role-play and again over 25 players made the effort to take part. Food and drink were again a crucial part of the celebrations.


Question: Do I have to take part in the role-play?

Answer: Role play is requested when in local. 


Question: Are there other events and challenges?

Answer: Yes, on many occasions Mystic Highlands functions like any other server albeit 1x 1x


We have a core of players who have been in these lands for many years now but newcomers are welcomed without prejudice. For example, in the event yesterday Royal gifts were distributed to all whether they have played in Mystic Highlands since inception (as I have) or have joined in recent days and weeks.


Much respected players have moved from our lands from time-to-time but new players have always come to Mystic Highlands to forge a life for themselves and sometimes bring along their friends or family.


Why not pay us a visit,? You may find that you like these lands and stay a while in our starter town Safehold before venturing out to find a piece of land to call your own.


More information including lore and rules can be found here: https://mystichighlands.com/ 


Long live the Queen!

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