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campfire, kiln, forge & oven

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With the addition of the icebox.  The new development team has added in a function that I am very happy to see.


I would now like to ask that the dev's incorporate the "Icebox" concept to all the cookers and possibly the lamps and torches.


Could you make a box in the bottom of cookers that would allow for the inclusion of kindling and other objects to burn.  This box would be the fuel source for the cooker by consuming the objects inside.  This could be used as a way to generate ash.  However more importantly it adds a great amount of realism to the game for cookers of all kinds.   If possible could the damage from the cooker be applied to all items "evenly" in the firebox?  


To prevent abuse, could there be a flag applied to objects as they are burned?  Singed, blackened, burnt, charred.  Each one would require more of the "burned material" to undo the state.  Thus a charred wooden shield would require additional wood to bring it back to burnt, blackened, singed and normal.  These flags could also limit or disable use of the item as it is to damaged to use.




There could simply be a mechanic that allows you to use an axe to scrap the wood, thus making the item unusable but burnable.


As an added change to accommodate this.  I would suggest that a campfire building be changed to a rock shards and hand or activated rock shards on an empty tile thus preventing forest fires. :)


This would also make for a quaint campfire appearance that is not determined solely by a fire that is burning.

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