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Website Suggestion and Deed Idea.

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I just had a couple of ideas i wanted to put forth.


The first is in regards to the wurm website,  as you may have noticed on the main wurm-online page it has a big wurm-unlimited banner, and a few of my friends have been

confused thinking this is the main wurm-online game because it's featured in such a big way on the front page.

Whilst i understand those of us already playing wurm-online understand they are two seperate games essentially official and none official, i think it would be a good idea to adjust the main page so the Play Now wurm-online is more prominent and that perhaps wurm-unlimited has it's own dedicated page, i'm sure you all know what i'm trying to say here,  And i'm confident there is some smart people around who knows what i'm suggesting and is able to think of a solution.


I suspect Wurm is not gaining potential players because of this!  Also a guide on how to install the game and client would be usefull because to a complete newb the client can be abit  unusual compared to other games and it's hard to know  what is going on such as that it is doing packupdates in the background prior to playing and you just suspect the game is not letting you hit play now!


The second idea is to have more than one deed per character on the same server! 

I'm not sure why there is a limitation on this as a per-server rule, ecspecially for PvE doesn't make alot of sense to me? 

If one is willing to put up the dollars , why not?


what do you guys think?  ( i said this in-game but i was told to post a thread, although i suspect it's already been suggested before but now we have a ninja team of developers,  maybe they could  sort it out?:ph34r:


Anyways im out of breathe typing now... my apologies for the poor spelling and grandma.







Ps: i took a few month break from wurm, i used to be the guy digging alot and it burned me out.:angry:

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I can see where people can get confused.  Get more people in WO not WU.  I think the WU rush is over so need to focus on growing WO.


Also that WU is getting on my nerves when I read news though.  I increase the text size and that damn WU picture on the right blocks all my text.

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