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Looking for a little bit of guidance.  I'm self taught on maps and i'm working with Wurm Map Generator 2.8, L3DT pro, and GIMP (free version).  I've made a fantastic map in L3DT - 4096x4096 with the settings below.  I can export as a height map, import into Wurm Map generator, drop dirt, and then load it up on a test server and the mountains have barely any slope!  I mean, we're talking about 11 ish slope on average while in L3DT they look much steeper and more customized (in 3D Sapphire view).  For a PVP server, where mountains can separate various areas, i think making them a little more... impassable.... is a better idea!


What am I missing here?  I feel like i don't understand a key concept on some of the settings.  Thanks for any guidance you can provide!


L3DT settings on map:


HF (varlist)

nx (int) = 4096

ny (int) = 4096

HorizScale(Float) = 10

MosaicFlag(bool) = false

MosaicSize (int) = 512

Algorithim (string) = "InflateDM64"


DM (varlist)

Algorithm (string) = "PeakDM"

HF_in_DM (int) = 64

nx (int) =64

ny (in) = 64

SeaLand (int) = 70

FlatSteep (int) = 10

FeatureScale (int) = 33

FracRough (int) = 50

PeakRough (int) = 50

Cliffs (int) = 34

Erosion (int) = 5

Lakes (int) = 14

Climate (string) = "temparate"


Wurm Map Generator 2.8



Map size =4096

Resolution = 256

iterations = 10

Min edge = 64

border weight = 6

Max Height = 4096

Normalize ratio = 33


Dirt/water tab

Dirt Per Tile= 50

Max Dirt Slope = 40

Max Diagonal Slope = 56

Max Dirt Height = 2500

Water Height = 1445 (that's what it took to get the water where it should be!)

Cliff Ratio = 2.5


Thanks for any help you can give!


P.S. -> No, i don't run any erosion iterations.

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If I recall correctly, playing around with the Resolution in the WUgenerator should help that, it's been a while since I've played with the maps though and I haven't used L3DT before.

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Increase your horizontal scale (it may look like crap in l3dt), until your outcome in Wurm Map Gen is as expected. It has been years since i used l3dt so I'm not a whole lot of help with it.

I would suggest learning world machine if you haven't already, its much more precise and designed to work with smaller landmasses not on the continental scale.

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Thank you both!  I understand (having studied this a bit) that World Machine is what WO uses for it's maps.  Isn't the license more expensive for world machine?  

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try changing max height in wurm map generator BEFORE you click heightmap import :) try 6-8k that should make biggest difference, the other number is like mentioned the horizontal and vertical scale in l3dt, vertical is from bottom of the sea to tip of highest elevation, horizontal scale is "resolution" of the map, in general "4" is good for wurm maps.

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If you like making really great WU maps then World Machine is well worth the money. 

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