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Hyper-Core - PVP/x5/BattleCamps/Hota/Mods/Dedicated/

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 custom map is large and hosted on a professional grade collocated dedicated server with 4x Core 8x Thread  Xeon processor and 64gb RAM. menu's cache instantly. Login's are quite fast.

It is set chaos style with a flat 5x skill gain and action timer bonus. No Epic bugs. You can start as Freedom Isles, HotS, or any of the PMK's already setup by players.

Be the first to claim your throne and begin your empire. Rule your lands and kill all those that oppose. Or, Setup trade routes, grow your riches, buy yourself neutrality from other players. Or, sail the seas pirating and trading. Or, do anything you want. But, login and do it before someone else claims your legacy!

Live Map :
Vote Page:

- Farming, plants will not wither. Growth time sped-up
- Priest restrictions removed, feel free to main character a Vynoran Priest
- Naming Tags. Animals are born with no name, create a name tag for custom names
- Dig to ground for dirt and clay
- Ash accumulates in ovens and forges from material used as fuel to keep them lit.
- Starter gear consists of choice of 40ql weapons and 40ql chain or 20ql plate.
- New Characters are given 25 body control and 23 body strength, no feeling useless for 2 weeks.
- Your first affinity will appear very soon if not immediately.
- Meditation altered, no need to change where you meditate to gain skill
- The 5 prayers per day cap has been removed
- Carts and other vehicles are locked with a very poor ql lock upon creation
- and More

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