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Annoying Graphic "Fix"

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As of right now I could only think of 3 things that look terrible in many situations. Forges, Ovens and even Open fireplaces spike up into the 2nd story of buildings and its hideous. Have a "Chip off top" (you are probably better at naming actions than me). Even the open fireplace that seems like it doesn't hit the second story is nearly 1 pixel above it so its glitchy looking, Why must i get a rug or carpet to cover the ugly mess of a floor when it's the fault of those who do the graphics.. Before I mention bsb's though id just like to say i loved forges and ovens in 1 story buildings because they became chimneys which is awesome! its just ugly for 2 story houses.


For bsb's that one little sack (becomes more if full enough) Is so unnecessary. Its Bulk Storage Bin. Not Bulk Storage Bin and Bag on the Side (bsbabots for short). No mercy here! get rid of that ugly sac that looks like it holds food (which bsb's don't) I know somebody who lags because of two objects colliding (awkward texture mixing) and its hard to have a nice organized warehouse when bags are stuffed between bins. As for the extra little bin that's on top I don't really care that its off center and tilted.. I assume straight and organized bins are too good for us anyway...


Long story short: "Chip off top" option for forges and ovens, make the open fireplace maybe 5 pixels shorter, and get rid of the annoying sac on the bsbabots.


I apologize if this is severely op and hurts pvp servers

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Yes. Cool.


Also. Stack forges. One on each floor. Is now same chimineny just multiple fuel tanks.

Edited by Makarus
more wood; big fire

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