Can't convert Libila followers to player gods

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From the Patch Notes linked above:


Bugfix: Fix to allow converting to a player god as a HoTS template PMK.

As far as I know, it only works if you're converting followers of player gods. If a Smeagain follower tries to to convert a Libila follower, it says:

[03:12:46] Libila will not accept that you leave the Horde of the Summoned for Smeagain.

No, I'm not trying to leave HoTS, I'm in a HoTS PMK and being converted by a player in the same kingdom...

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I had a similar experience converting from HoTS Nahjo to Smeagain I had 100 positive alignment but it gave me an error message saying can't convert I'm with the horde. Yet I converted a HoTS no deity player with no issues.


Normal HoTS not a PMK*

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