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W.S.A. - Exploitables (or the fluffy stuff in the middle that needs more tweaking)

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We are well aware that we have a lot of very creative individuals among us, and sometimes something interesting is discovered that needs to be fixed right away.  Unfortunately, some people think it is okay not to report these anomalous situations that can be exploited for their own gains.  This is deplorable behavior and takes the enjoyment out of the situation for the rest of us.


We have clear rules when it comes to cheating and exploiting and the penalties you will receive.  We even have rewards for the first to report serious bugs to us.


Situations do arise that a very few decide they would rather exploit it for all its worth before reporting.  It is sad really, but we will find out about it.  Mechanics abuse means we spend more time running around after abusers like babysitting toddlers rather than devoting our time to PVP improvements.


This will not be an all inclusive list of known exploits, but listed here or not, we retain the right to remove anyone from Wurm Online who our logs and information show exploited any given situation with malice or intent to gain.



A current bug still to be corrected involves battlecamps.  Someone/s has found a way to conquer without sending alerts across the server.  This is an exploit.  Stop it!

Another annoying bug that has been abused is entering secured mines without going though the entrance/mine door properly.  This is an exploit.  Stop it!



Some sage wisdom....

"if you have to ask whether something is an exploit, perhaps it's not something you should be doing"


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