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Selling a bunch of stuff, taking reasonable offers, everything must go!


- white dragon hatchling skull-10s

-black dragon skull-10s

-90 QL lantern RGB 233 x 2(needing couple mends)

-rare knapsack, linden +champagne-5s

-spyglass 70QL x3

-rare saw81QL 75woa 83coc-7,5s

-rare oak mallet 86QL 49coc-8s

-rare small anvil 82 woa-7,5s

-lion pelt97QL 90coc-2,5s

-whetstone 98QL 97coc-3s

-whetstone 94QL 83coc-1,5s

-rare chisel 96QL 41coc93woa-9s

-rare Vynora statuette-5s

-compass 70QL 82 botd-3s

-90 QL toolbelt x2-1,5s

-rare pine rangepole 70QL-2s

-leather knife 90 QL 81 botd-1.5s

-whetstone 98QL 6dmg 66coc-1s

-whetstone 98ql 5dmg 73coc-1s

-Plateset 70ish QL

-rare shovel 59coc 79woa-7,2s

-2h sword 74QL 76LT-1s

-axe 74QL 90N 63LT 51coc 44MS-3,3s

-rare pickaxe 87QL 92coc98woa-10s

-rare hatchet 91botd 9imbue-10s

-rare trowel 88QL 92coc 85woa-8s

-saddle 90 QL 91woa-3s

saddle 80QL 79woa

-silver ring 6QL 89nolo-1s

-toolbelts 80QL 80QL 79QL-90c

-rare sickle 40QL-5s

-rare needle 58QL-5s

-rare ropetool maple 84coc 97woa 65QL-7s

rare ropetool pinewood 88woa 84 coc-6s

-rare file 76QL-5s

-rare oak spindle 79QL-5s


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2s for linden knapsack

4s for rare sickle

5s for rare hugeaxe


if accepted cod to Aeryck and thanks ;)

Edited by Aeryck

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