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Battle - Battle For the White Light

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Battle for the White Light
Date: End of Beta Map 9
Location: The White Light
Result: Stalemate, Altar of Three not destroyed.
Kingdom: HOTS Jenn-Kellon
Towns: VOCS
Libilian Outlawz
Libilaz Rebels
Strength:  ?? Warriors Heavy Guards
?? Warriors (Outnumbering)
Spawn Poi
The White Light


While the Archives lack any specific details of this battle. What is known is the Horde of the Summoned was led by Malvada, who supposedly was appointed to the post by none other than Libila herself. The objective was simple: Take the infamous Steel Sceptre of Ascension to the Altar of Three and destroy it. Rendering the forces of Jenn-Kellon effectively useless without their beloved White Light.

Now the records do not say as to how or why the plan was discovered. But a defense force was quickly rallied up and camped a mere half-kilometer from the White Light. When the Horde discovered that the element of surprise was gone, they attacked with a fury not seen for many a starfall. The battle could be easily compared with the Battle of Armageddon that so many beliefs refer to in their texts.

But for some reason unknown now, the Jenn-Kellon army was able to beat back the rampaging Hordes and claimed victory. However, it isn't known of what became of the Steel Sceptre of Ascension. Either it stills lies somewhere buried under the blood of many a fighter. Or worse, could've been spirited away to await perhaps the fabled Armageddon War that may be yet to come....

Review (WLers Point of View)

The initial plan by the BLers was to take out the White Light by using a artifact (Steel Sceptre of Ascension). While this is risky, success would mean the storyline would move forward.

Once Malvada advertised the attack, the WLers ran towards the WL. First they planted a Homestead about 500m from the White Light (a rule of Wurm is no deeds shall be planted on the Lights themselves), this did three things: One it shifted the focus of the battle to the deed, and it forced the BLers into having to attack the deed because it acted like a castle. It could not be ignored, and lastly, gave the WLers an unfair advantage as they already outnumbered the BLers, but now they could respawn when they died, as their towns were allied with this deed.

Once the deed was there, it spawned guards which gave the WLers even more of an advantage and spawned fighters to annoy the attackers. After a while the BLers broke onto the deed, drained it, killed everyone and took the final lives from Champions, leaving the BLers to skip merrily back to their land, while being pursued by the last Champion, who wanted a 1 on 1 fight with Malvada. Malvada won, which finalised the victory for the BLers.

Review (BLers Point of View)

The majority of the warriors were from VCS, LO and FT and during this battle many champions fell, however more WLer than BLe The force met at VCS, and went through NT towards the Light. Once they got close many WLers appeared.

The BLers noticed the newly planted deed and ran towards it, then followed the hunting down of many of the WLers that were not on the deed, Hyenas were used to kill WLers on the deed and they quickly fell. However, they soon respawned on the deed and collected new weapons. They continued to kill the WLers as they respawned and then procceeded to take there weapons until eventually they would not have any.

The BLers then moved towards the Whitelight, easily getting past the incomplete walls surrounding it, any WLers that tryed to get closed were killed quickly. However, the destruction of the WL was not going well, descrating the Altar was not doing as much damage as everyone had hoped. The BLers moved back towards the deed and, although many WL champions had fallen they we still outnumbered, howver winning the battle. Once all the WL Champions were down, and they were running out of weapons, the BLers pressed onto the deed. The Spirit Templars were dealt with. The deed was looted and the BLers returned to there homes.

The BLers had won, however they had not managed to destroy the WL as planned. They did however come out better off as the WLers had lost lots of items and champions.

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Has the white or blacklight ever been destroyed and what does it do I've heard mixed answers from people

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If its the same on chaos as it is on epic, then it can be bashed and respawns somewhere else.

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Yes both Lights have been intentionally destroyed a number of times on both Chaos and Epic. However, the exact impact of such an event was unknown for years since Gold launch due to various gameplay issues, not to mention meeting the prerequisites. The first time the WL was destroyed was actually due to a bug where a JK player was able to pick it up, and iirc placed it on a lava tile or was destroyed in some other fashion completely un-intended. Shenanigans ensued before Rolf stepped in and yelled, "Get out of the Pool!":


The impact of a Light going down can be pretty harsh for the priests and followers of gods allied to either Light; though, there have been times where say a WL kingdom has had no issues with attempts to destroy the WL. Usually due to the WL showing up in a place where another WL kingdom then fortified the heck out of it, and continued to do so even as Devs placed increasingly severe no-build restrictions (some players like Horton have a certain mania for construction).

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