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Deed: Devonshire - Independence

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I am selling Devonshire for a friend. It is a large deed on Crystal Lake (N16) just south of the Cave Canal to Inner Sea. It is less than 5 minutes from The Howl and Freedom Market. It has a large mine, heavily reinforced, mostly on deed with an Utmost gold vein. I am not sure of other veins. The size is 70x41 and the upkeep is 5s 74c. It has a few buildings, large shore line, and a colossus out front. The deed will have 30 days upkeep at the end of the auction. There are a few animals I can leave on the deed if desired. Most of the furnishings and items can stay if desired.


I will try to get some screenshots to post later today


Opening bid: 10s

Bid Increment: 50c

Buyout: offer

Snipe protection: 30 minutes after last bid.


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