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Now we're cooking!

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Hi Everyone!


This update is the culmination of over a years work, so there's an absolutely huge amount of information to share, so for the meantime we're using the /changelog function within the game itself.

To access the change log type /changelog

to access server info type /info


Change log




  • I’ve keep some of the ways that HFC was used for skill increases. But no junk food, e.g. nails are not used as an ingredient and if present in a container, they will stop the food item being made.


  • Meats now have a material, e.g. Meat, Dragon and Meat, Game

    • As you can see it does not use the animal type, but a category as we have so many animal types. Some of the categories are: (there are 16 total)

      • Dragon

      • Game

      • Human

      • Humanoid

      • Snake


  • Meat and fillets can now be put in FSB and Crates.


  • Fish and fillets can now be put in FSB and Crates.


  • Existing Zombified milk will lose its zombie status. New zombie milk should be fine.


  • You will be able to seal some containers so long as they only have one liquid in them, this will stop the liquids decay.

    • Small and Large Amphora

    • Pottery Jar

    • Pottery Flask

    • Water Skin

    • Small Barrel


  • Bees have been added.


  • Cooking will now be from recipes, this does not mean that you cannot continue cooking like you used to though, although some recipes will have changed.


  • A personal cookbook is now available which has the recipes that you know about in.


  • Hens eggs can now be found when foraging on grass tiles. And you will be able to put them in FSB, but that makes them infertile.


  • Old containers and tools - now with more use.

    • Sauce pan - had to change size of this, but that means some recipes need a new one which is larger.

    • Pottery bowl - can now be used to hold liquids as well, a lot of recipes use this.

    • Hand - used to make some mixes, and other things. Note if a recipe says a hand must be used, actually any active item will work.

    • Fork - how else were you going to mix some stuff!

    • Knife - used a lot in food preparation.

    • Spoon - An alternative way to mix things (so same ingredients can be used in multiple recipes. Also can be used to scoop.

    • Press - can be used to squash something.

    • Branch - branching out, could be used as a spit ...


  • New containers and tools

    • Stoneware. - used to make things like breads, biscuits etc

    • Cake tin - used to make cakes

    • Pie dish - used to make pies and tarts

    • Roasting dish - used to roast food.

    • Plate - used to make salads and sandwiches on.

    • Mortar+Pestle - used to grind small things (e.g. spices)

    • Measuring Jug - used to get a specific amount of liquid, its volume can be adjusted (volume is same as weight for this).

    • Still - used for distilling.

    • Larder - used to reduce decay of food items in it, so long as it has ice.


  • New crops

    • Carrots

    • Cabbage

    • Tomatos

    • Sugar Beet

    • Lettuce

    • Peas

    • Cucumbers


  • New Bush

    • Hazelnut bush - now you know where the hazelnuts come from.


  • New Tree

    • Orange Tree - because it seemed like a good idea.


  • Spices - all can be planted in a planter, except Nutmeg.

    • Cumin

    • Ginger

    • Paprika

    • Turmeric


  • New Herbs - all Herbs can be planted in a planter.

    • Fennel

    • Mint


  • New items that are only found by forage / botanize. Note all above spices and herbs and the new vegs can be found this way as well)

    • Cocoa bean

    • Nutmeg (note this is a spice but cannot be planted in a planter)

    • Raspberries

    • Hazelnut sprout.

    • Orange sprout.


  • Rocksalt

    • Rock tiles that would of produced salt when mining will now be shown as Rocksalt veins (this may take a day or two to show), but have a limited life (e.g. you get 45-50 rocksalt from one).

    • The Rocksalt can then be ground into salt using a grindstone. You can get more than one salt from each Rocksalt depending on your milling skill.

    • Veins that had salt in, will be unaffected, will still be able to get the random salt when mining them..


  • Trellis

    • A new trellis has been added for hops.

    • Trellis can now be harvested when their produce is in season (except ivy ones don’t have a season).

    • To help plant your trellis in nice straight lines, you can plant them using a wall, fence or tile border. And have three options, on left, center and on right.

    • There is a limit of 4 planted trellis per tile. Any extras that are currently planted on same tile will become unplanted.


  • Flowers

    • Flowers can now be used in some recipes, and therefore will now only go into a food storage bin. This also applies to rose petals, oleander, lavender and camellia.

    • Any existing flowers in bulk storage bins are fine, you can still take them out, but will not be able to put them back into the bulk storage bin, but they will go into the food storage bin.


  • The goodness of food

    • Each meal made will have a bonus attached to it, so the same ingredients making the same meal (in same cooker and same container) will end up with this same bonus.

      • This bonus will give a timed affinity to a skill, but can be different per player, e.g. fish and chips may give a temp weaponsmithing affinity to Joe, but to Tom it gives carpentry, (also may not give it to any skill).

    • Nutrition has not been changed


  • Calories, Carbs, Fats and Proteins.
    • The existing nutrition system has been augmented by the calories/carbs/fats/proteins system (CCFP).

      Every edible item has a set of CCFP values.  These are combined when creating a result item to give the result item CCFP values of its own.  When eating something, the CCFP values increase the player’s CCFP bars, with the amount of increase being based on the amount of food consumed (where the maximum amount of food a player can consume is determined by current food bar value).


      The elements of CCFP affect the player as follows:

    • Calories - high bar reduces stamina drain

    • Carbs - high bar reduces water usage

    • Fats - high bar increases favour regeneration

    • Proteins - high bar reduces food usage

    • Similarly, when a player’s water (thirst) bar is full, no further drinks may be drunk.


      The basic unitary requirements for a player per Wurm day are:

    • 2000 calories

    • 300 carbs

    • 80 fats

    • 50 proteins

    • These values represent a full bar, however per-day requirements are modified as above.

      When a player’s food bar is full, no further food may be eaten:

      [11:24:13] You are so full, you cannot possibly eat anything else.




  • Wild bee hives will appear in spring at random locations and they will vanish at the end of the year (in winter). Note they will be in different locations each year.


  • As time passes honey will be made in hives together with bees wax, the amount will depend on nearby flowers, fields and trees.


  • Each wild hive will start with one queen bee, this may increase by one every wurm month, to a maximum of two, so long as the hive has over a certain amount of honey in it. When there is two queen bees if there is a domestic hive nearby it may migrate to it.


  • Domestic hives will be loadable. Even with a queen in it. So you can move it to somewhere, e.g. your own deed. Watch out bees sting!


  • Domestic hives that had a queen in it, will go dormant over the winter period and will become active again in spring. But it is possible for the queen to die over winter if no honey is left in the hive (Note can put sugar in hive to keep the queen alive.


  • Honey (and beeswax) can be collectable from hives.. But you may need a bee smoker.. So bees do not sting you, note that this bee smoker is useful at other times, like if you want to chop down a tree that has a hive, or load/unload a domestic hive which has a queen in it.




  • As well as being able to examine a food container to see what it will make, you can also use LORE, to get hints on what ingredient you could add into the container to be able to make something.


  • Some more specialised recipes will call for a meat of a specific category, or a specific fish, but most will use any meat or any fish or even any veg.


  • Most new recipes only require one of each item, main exception is making sandwiches which normally requires 2 slices of bread.


  • Some recipes are an intermediate step, or some sauce which is used later e.g. there is cake mix and white sauce.


  • Lots of new food category types e.g.

    • Biscuits

    • Cookies

    • Curry

    • Pie

    • Pizza

    • Salads

    • Scones

    • Tarts


  • And some of your old favorites like.

    • Cakes

    • Meal

    • Sandwiches

    • Tea

    • Wine


  • And there are some new drinks which will need distilling.


  • Note you will need to experiment to find their recipes, but do note some items need a mix before adding other items, e.g. you will now need a cake mix to make cakes.


  • Some ingredients will only be found doing forage/botanize actions, whilst others, once found, they may be able to be planted as a crop or even in a planter (e.g. most spices and herbs can be planted in a planter).

    • Fresh is an attribute of an item when just found from foraging or picking, if you put it in a FSB it loses that attribute.


  • Some recipes are nameable this means that whoever is the first to make the item for that recipe, will have their name added to the front of that recipe name, e.g. if Pifa was first to make a meat curry (assuming that was nameable) then it would show to everyone, when they discover it,  as “Pifa’s meat curry”.


  • Note only one recipe can be named per person.


  • Some recipes may only be makeable once you have that recipe in your cookbook, these recipes are only available from killing certain creatures.


  • Recipes can be inscribed onto papryus (or paper), to do this you need to be looking at the recipe in your cookbook, and then use the reed pen on a blank papryus (or paper).

    • You can then mail these or trade them to others, where they can add it to their cookbook, if they don’t know it, by either reading the recipe and selecting to add to their cookbook or activate it and r-click on the cookbook menu option.




  • Items can be planted in a planter, e.g. a herb or a spice (not all spices).


  • The planted item will start growing.


  • After a while it will be available to be harvested.


  • Harvesting will be available daily,


  • Each time you harvest it will prolong its life


  • Eventually it will get too woody to be harvested, then it is time to start afresh.




Using LORE on a container, will let you know what could be made, e.g.


  • If the contents match a known recipe (known by you that is). You would get a message like:

    • “The Ingredients in the frying pan would make an omelette when cooked.”


  • If the contents match an unknown recipe. Message would be like:

    • “You think this may well work when cooked”


  • If the ingredients would make any recipe but has an incorrect amount of a liquid then you would get something like:

    • “The ingredients in the saucepan would make tea when cooked, but…there is too much water, try between 300g and 400g.”


  • Partial Matches

    • It performs checks in this order

      • Unknown recipe that is not nameable.

      • Unknown recipe that is nameable.

      • Known recipe that is not nameable.

      • Known recipe this is nameable.

    • If the contents form part of any recipe, it will give a hint as to what to add to make that recipe. E.g. “have you tried adding a chopped onion?”.

      • Note the recipe is picked at random from a list of possible recipes and so is the shown ingredient.




  • Every person has a cookbook, where your known recipes are shown.


  • Some recipes are known by everyone by default and these are shown in green, you have to find the others and make them for them to appear in your cookbook. Or even trade for the ones you don’t have, maybe find a couple on some creatures as well.


  • The initial page of your cookbook allows you to select what recipes to view, i.e.

    • Target action - these are the ones where you use one item on another, e.g. grinding cereals to make flour.

    • Container action - these ones are when you use a tool of some kind on a container to change the contents of the container into a different item. E.g. using your hand  on a pottery bowl which containers flour, water, salt and butter  to make pastry.

    • Heat - these ones are your basic cooking recipes, where you put ingredients into a food container, and put in an cooker and after the ingredients get hot the container items change to the result, e.g. putting maple sap into a saucepan in a lit oven, will result in maple syrup after sometime. Not all recipes work in all cookers.

    • Time - these ones are used for brewing.


  • Also on the initial page you also have links to view recipes (that you know) by

    • Tool - this gives a list of the tools that you know are used for cooking, selecting a tool from that list will give you the known recipes that can be made using it.

    • Cooker - this will give a list of cookers, and selecting a cooker from that list will lead you to a list of known recipes that can be made in it

    • Container - this will give you a list of containers that can be used by known recipes, selecting one will then give a list of the known recipes that use that container.

    • Ingredients - gives a list of all your known ingredients, and again selecting one of them will then show a list of known recipes that use that ingredient.


  • Also you can search your recipes.


  • From any list of recipes, you can select one and view what you think is used to make that item

    • Note that there are optional ingredients, and unless you have used them for an ingredient, then they will not show in your version.

    • Note that some recipes may use any type of meat, or fish, or veg, or herb, or spice, when you attempt the same recipe with a different type, your recipe will be updated to show that information, e.g. if your recipe says that it uses beef meat, and you could try with canine meat, then if it works the recipe will update to show any meat.

    • Note that not all recipes can use all types.


Thanks to Pandalet, we're working on producing full documentation in time for the official release, so don't worry!


With over 500 new recipes, a new bonus system and many tweaks and updates, there's a lot to take in, so please take the time to familiarise yourself with the new functions and especially the cookbook!


As of current we are using a unique client for the cooking system, and the experimental pack system. Please use the client available here:


to view new artwork, you will need to go to the pack update section, and make sure experimental is ticked!






So jump on, forage for some crops, cook some meals, butcher some meat, and try it out!

Let us know what you thought and win prizes here!


Myself, and Tich will be on hand for a few hours, but this will be open until the end of october, with the survey being open until the release of the news on the 28th October.


Fill in the survey, report bugs, and let us know how it goes, you could win a prize of a supreme steel frying pan, or one of 5 packs of 10 sleep powder!


Test changelog since release:


25 Oct 2016
 * Added message when you learn a new recipe.
 * Fix for zombiefied spirits.
 * Fix for LORE message when too many of an item.
 * Made the number of slices you get from bread and cake depend on the weight of the item.
 * Fix to remove fillet option when food knife is acive for meats and fish.
 * Fix so LORE tells you the required material (if its specified in recipe).
 * Fix so you cant attempt to add a recipe to cookbook when its not in inventory (part 2).


24 Oct 2016
 * Added fermenting phase to spirits.
 * Added difficulty to LORE output.
 * Fix so you cant attempt to add a recipe to cookbook when its not in inventory.
 * Added old style sandwiches back in (now called endurance sandwiches).
   They are made by using bread on cheese (or jam, egg, syrup or honey). 
   They can be eaten even when hungry for the stamina regeneration, but 
   will not give any CCFP or a timed affinity.
 * Added new command to toggle visibility of ccfp bar (/toggleccfp).
 * Made tar combinable.

23 Oct 2016
 * Fix so can plant fresh spices.
 * Fixed recipes that used stoneware.
 * Fix for 'you cant breed egglayers' with animals that you should be able to.

22 Oct 2016
 * Typo fix in fudge sauce recipe name.
 * Made beersteins easier to make.
 * Fix for double spacing in lore statement.
 * Fix so sweets can go into larder.
 * Fix so can plant items (again).
 * Fix so beesmoker when made does not end up on floor.
 * Recipe typo fixes.
 * Fix for examine message on chopped veg (etc).
 * Fix for message given when you write a recipe.
 * Fix for out of bounds error when using back button in cookbook.
 * Renamed stoneware to baking stone.


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got up to test this soooo early :P forgot to patch last night fml.


nm going back to bed not worth a frying pan :P


Edited by Killroth

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Awesome! Proof that Tich belongs in the kitchen... *runs*



Edited by Klaa
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Once again getting the warning about Java being out of date even though I have the latest version - 1.8.0_111-b14 Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM


Can't copy correctly from the changelog - both `copy line` and `copy entire tab` only copy one line.  There is a lot to read there, at least let us copy it out so we can read it without having to sit in game.


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The java thing is not related to wurm.


Working on grabbing the changelog out myself for here too!

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How does one get the test server ?

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Continues to watch water boil amongst the shenanigans.




Cookbook is context menu on body like permissions.


Edited by Klaa

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test client link does not seem to work via firefox and linux....

when trying to open the file, no option for java is shown

Edited by Baloo

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Working on firefox here, it's just a different client link

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2 minutes ago, Retrograde said:

Working on firefox here, it's just a different client link

so what is the link, please ?


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still does not give an option to open with java .... using linux here

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done - only tries to open it with ubuntu browser and fails

Edited by Baloo

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What happens when you click play on the website?

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click play on which website ?

Edit: okay clicked play on main website and got wurmclient-2.jnlp - still no option to open with java.

Edit 2 - maybe i need to update java - but dont know how to do that - will ask my son...

Edit 3 - he is too busy playing other games, so have given up for now...

Edited by Baloo

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Think i found a minor bug, when viewing a individual recipe there's 2 buttons in top right. Back and close. They both close instead of going back. 

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5 minutes ago, Hampsterman said:

Think i found a minor bug, when viewing a individual recipe there's 2 buttons in top right. Back and close. They both close instead of going back. 


What steps did you do to get this to happen? (from the info page)

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open cookbook, click search down at bottom to show all recipes, click on tea (for example) click show selected, then on tea ingredient page the back will not work. Also, unsure if bug or intended change, are we not supposed to be able to use crafting window to do multiple uses of a fruit press any more? 

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Is it possible to make opening the cookbook not be an "action" which needs to wait for other things to finish?

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Thanks found the bug in cookbook, will update test later


As for your other question, can just use a fruit press on multiple fruit (or whatever) as they are now part of recipe code, so dont use the crafting interface


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1 minute ago, Tich said:

can just use a fruit press on multiple fruit (or whatever) as they are now part of recipe code, so dont use the crafting interface



How to use wax to seal containers and what is the use of waxed papyrus?

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