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WTS pretty much all of it, everything must go

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I am about to sell most of what I have, first we empty the forges, first load is now on 4 merchants at Flippys Harbour M8 on the ingame Deli map.


Prices are about 1/3 of the spell power for the 70-100+ power casts in copper coins. The lower power casts are about 1 copper and up. I want to get rid of the stuff.


I dont spend alot of time pricing the items, so some prices may be off, I apprently sold a rare 2h sword for 3iron the other day.

There are a few merchants there that are not mine, and there are a few items that I have only strongly reduced the price on.


Anyone have a clue what 60ql sculpting wands are worth these days?

I could use abit of help pricing seryll plate and chain sets also.


Thanks for the idea about uploading a screenshot, but I things are moving so fast it would be a end up as a movie. just restocked some 50 items


Todays special is a white drake set ql 90ish for 75s first to catch me ingame first to buy. Pick up at Flippys Harbour M8 ingame Deli map. - Sold now


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