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It is possible to devise scenarios with unintended methods to enter combat with creatures that prevent them from being able to do normal harm to you and your equipment, or prevent yourself from doing normal intended harm to them.  Such scenarios are clearly not intended and can lead to the permanent ban of your avatars when caught using such a method.


This type of scenario allows someone to create a situation in which they can gain fighting skills by bypassing intended mechanics that should cause harm to your avatar health or the creature, damage to your weapons and armor, and allow long term and potentially unattended skill gain activity.


Several people have been caught and penalized for this activity in the past and recently several others were penalized after the activity was detected.  If you ever encounter a scenario like this or ANY scenario of unattended skill gain with or without the use of a macro, you should report it so it can be promptly looked into and officially replicated for testing and correction.


Thank you,

Wurm Online Team

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Update -


The last few days have brought in a lot of ideas and situations that have muddied the waters concerning this W.S.A.  Let me try to explain what this announcement is referring to.


We are targeting situations that basically allow you to gain skills indefinitely without your interaction.   Most situations already have limits in place to prevent indefinite skill gain without player interaction.


Wurm Online is a sandbox with a multitude of mechanics that can present situations that have possibly not been considered before that could create an unknown "sweet spot" where neither the attacker or attackee are able to interact properly as intended mechanics are being blocked or bypassed using other mechanics in ways that are clearly not intended.


We have been presented a number of fighting scenarios to consider and the best guide that I can provide at the moment is that if you can gain skill doing it with no interaction for indefinite periods of time then it is not intended.  You should not be able to gain skill at normal levels after so many actions or time has transpired without you needing to interact with the game world to continue your skill gains.


Interactions should include needing to repair armor and weapons, heal , or heal animals, or having to do other actions to gain skill. (this is not an exhaustive list of all potential interactions!)

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