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Favor formula

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Hello fellow wurmians, 


I have a question about favor gaining from locks when youre a priest of magranon (Hail Magranon!).  Ive tried searching a post about this i cant seem to find it.  Can someone help me how do i calculate the amount of favor i gain from for example a 60ql lock whats the formula used for this.  


Thanks in advance! 


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I suggest that you do some investigative analysis on this one.  Record your favor and then sac a 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, etc. lock and record the favor gained for each one.  You should be able to quickly deduce a formula from this test.

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The formula on the wiki get price page is correct and I use it all the time with mental math.


Favor = cf*(ql / 10)^2


Example: door locks

cf = 0.1 (each item has a different cf value that you can see in the table on the wiki)

*Mag priests get double favor from door locks


For a 50ql door lock,

favor = 0.1*(50ql / 10)^2 = 2.5 favor

mag favor = 5 favor


For a 80ql door lock,

favor = 0.1*(80ql / 10)^2 = 6.4 favor

mag favor = 12.8 favor


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