I have been passed the task to keep the map up to date. I wish to thank the previous caretakers of the map making´, without there work this version of the map would be impossible.   To be able to do this i have made a new version of the map   The new map can be found here: Get the map now (approx. 7mb)  (Discontinued)   New map link: Deliverance Community Map   To add a deed post a coord and where about in the coord the deed are,   Please consider if the deed you ask to be added are one that the owner would want on the map, afterall there are hermits out there that may not want to be found.   Ok i have given the main roads some thinking and this is what i want to be defined as a main road:   Main roads Defined as the game rules state. All protected roads are marked in light yellow!!   Road names - Will only be given special passages and names will be open for debate to some degree. - Named roads must as stated above be very special for example a road made during a comunity event.   Latest update: 2017-04-20 13:30