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5 speeds horses

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Name Gender Age Color Price
Fantasygold female Adolescent Black 50c
Fleadance female Adolescent Brown 50c
Strongwing female Adolescent Brown 50c
Southann female Adolescent Brown 50c
Rainlei female Adolescent Brown 50c
Fantasydream male Adolescent Brown 50c
Eastnada male Adolescent Brown 50c
Calluma female Adolescent Gold 50c
Alexswift male Adolescent Gold 50c
Pearled male Adolescent Gold 50c
Warriorchaser male Adolescent Gold 50c
Emilsouth male Adolescent Gold 50c
Walkinglad male Adolescent White 50c
Hopflea male Adolescent White 50c
Bashiraecker female AdolescentFoal Brown 50c
Tearanna female AdolescentFoal Brown 50c
Ebonypick male AdolescentFoal Brown 50c
Quailhappy male AdolescentFoal Gold 50c
Chaserdamien male AdolescentFoal Grey 50c
Rageecho female AdolescentFoal White 50c
Ibnflash male Aged Brown 40c
Eckerrun male Aged Brown 40c
Pearlwar female Aged Gold 40c
Annwing female Aged Gold 40c
Hardhalim female Aged Grey 40c
Copperrun male Aged White 40c
Copperwing female Mature Brown 50c
Raidjade female Mature Brown 50c
Nadadance male Mature Brown 50c
Nafarwing female Mature Gold 50c
Pearlgrey male Mature Gold 50c


  • Delivery can be arranged
  • Buying 4 or more horses comes with free delivery
  • Pickup location: Kraftsburg, T17, Xanadu



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