[Xanadu] Recruiting for Eden Village (The World is Yours)

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Hello, I played on a free account a while back and am looking to start again. Looking  for someplace with activity. Am hopeing ro get my wife involved this time around .

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I am an old Epic player that came over to Freedom to live permanently, about 6-8 months ago.  When I arrived I looked up many villages and decided to join Eden Village on Xanadu.


Now, all these months later, I am very glad of my initial decision all that time ago.  My time in Eden has been fun, I have made many friends, and I love living in this extremely active village that gives its people as much room to grow as they want.  Qwizat is a great mayor, and my village-mates are wonderful people and make my Wurm experience so much better.  I recommend Eden Village very highly to all players new and old that are looking for an active, fun, kind community of players to join.


Check out what I did with my plot!




My in-game name is Midgaar (koreal is my priest alt) so feel free to contact me (or Qwizat or anyone in Eden really) if you have any questions or concerns or just want to chat!

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Newspring island is a really cool location to play on xanadu - one of the closest areas to server border! I wish there would be more sermons in Eden 😄  Very nice harbor area!

Thanks for selling me a boat, weapon and leather armor to my newbie toon 🙂 

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