[Xanadu] Recruiting for Eden Village (most chatty in wurm)

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hey all :D I started building my ship in Eden . gona build a Cog and I already got most materials made :)Cog.jpg

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I have no habit of going through forums, but I bumped into Q's recruitment post on one of the game channels, I contacted him and told him I was interested, but would like to spend some time roaming around before I joined.  After a couple of days, I did join and was warmly (or shall I say WURMLY) welcomed.  Q stuck to his end of the deal and before I knew it, I was well geared to push my skills further.  I am a bit of a loner and what I really appreciate is lack (or absence) of any kind of pressure to do this, that or the other.  People are of course welcome to contribute to the community, but nobody will twist your arm into it.  That enabled me to pick my own projects and with approval proceed with them.  I spent a few days carving up a whole mountain and with some help from other villagers, built a road through it to the place where we're gonna build a colossus, damn proud of it :-)  I have a few more ideas that I want to realize in this game, pretty enthusiastic about the whole deal.  I thoroughly recommend this village.  o/

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