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BETA Update patchnotes

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New Clothing

  • Plain white cloth pants 
  • Plain white cloth sleeves 
  • These items require a needle and cloth square to create. 
  • green cloth tunic 
  • red cloth tunic 
  • black belted vest 
  • Each item requires a plain cloth shirt and water to start, and coloring components with a leather belt to finish. 
  • Black cloth sleeves 
  • green cloth sleeve 
  • red cloth sleeve 
  • These items require a plain cloth sleeve and water to start, with colouring components to finish. 
  • brown striped breeches 
  • black cloth pants 
  • green cloth pants 
  • Each item requires a needle and cloth square to start, with coloring components to finish. Recommended Cloth Tailoring skill is ~ 15-20 as well 
  • patchwork pants 
  • Requires needle + wool square, skill is trivial


Quality of life

  • Small copper braziers can be planted and turned now. 
  • Candelabras can be planted. 
  • Hauling stuff up/down is now affected by deed speed bonus for item movement actions. 
  • Pillars can be rotated. 
  • The capital deed of a kingdom can no longer convert to another PMK until it is no longer the capital. 
  • Attempting to convert someone to your kingdom will now give error messages if it fails 
  • Corrected an issue with off deed gates not being lockable. 
  • Source crystal drop rate from cave walls was increased. 
  • Permissions change: Attaching a lock to an on deed gate used to automatically give citizens of that deed May Pass permission, even of the deed role did not allow citizens to pass gates. It will now only give the person placing the lock permission to pass, and sets the controlled by deed flag. 
  • If you restrict access to gates to citizens, please check individual gates to ensure the correct permissions are set. 


  • Bugfix: You can no longer lock an unlocked gate for which you have no permissions. 
  • Bugfix: You should now be able to become champ of a WL deity if it favours your kingdom, correcting issues that stopped it before. 
  • Bugfix: Fix to cap affinities properly at 5. 
  • Bugfix: Mayors (or those with pick up planted permission) can now pick up planted lamps on bridges on their deed. 
  • Bugfix: Village invite via the right click method is no longer blocked if inviter is standing in another village. 
  • Bugfix: Corrected new clothing having too high of a creation quality. 
  • Bugfix: Text fix when creating new unfinished items, no more extra space and capital U. 
  • Bugfix: Corrected a few references to Wurm Online 
  • Bugfix: Corrected some syntax causing frozen items to be deleted crossing servers.
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