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Port: 3724 


MAP (4069)



Map can be found at the following link:




-Modified priest restrictions. all priests can build/dig/pave no priests can do archery
-Extra mob types added in
-Bounty mod
-Hand crafted map
-Centralized hota

-4x Skill gain 3x Timers


-Better digging

-Boat mod

-Bounty mod

-Bulk transport mod

-Creature mod

-Crop mod

-Inbreed warning mod

-Meditation mod

-Move to center mod

-Prospect mod

-Salve mod




   The Virgin Islands Reborn is a 3x skill gain/4x timers PVP server hosted on a paid for dedicated server in NA. Our goal is to provide a server with as little Admin intference as possible and only when needed.




No cheating

This means don't use client-side mods that let you know or do significantly more than what a player using the default client could know or do. Whether or not a mod violates this rule is up to the admins. Mods that do not violate this rule include the Live Map mod, the Compass mod, the Better Tooltips mod, and the Action Numbers mod. If a mod is purely cosmetic e.g. the No Winter mod it's fine, too.


Don't abuse the server

This means don't try to take the server down, exploit bugs in the server software, create a million alts, etc. Just use common sense and you'll be fine.


Don't make giant walls out of dirt/sand/etc. around your deed.


Huge dirt walls are not only ugly, but they make raiding a settlement a massive chore, and defending a settlement kind of boring. This is not fun, and as a PvP server we've decided to disallow the building of giant natural walls. As a rule of thumb, if you have to climb over a slope it to get past it, it's too tall. This will be enforced on a case by case basis.


Only hire up to seven spirit shadows/templars to protect your deed.


Another aspect of PvP we found not to be fun was the fact that a sufficiently rich village could hire as many guards as they want, sometimes upwards of 50(!). This meant that rich players didn't even have to try - if they were attacked by other players, they could just let their guards zerg rush the enemy. In order to successfully raid a settlement you need to defeat its guards, and raiding a settlement with that many templars/shadows is just unfeasible. To prevent snowballing and help new deeds compete, we're limiting the number of guards a deed is allowed to hire to seven, more than enough to handle any creatures, and small raids, but not enough to do all the work in the event of a real attack. If you need to defend your deed, you'll have to get your hands dirty.




With that said we hope to see you on our server. Feel free to ask any questions below!

Edited by Virginislands

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Great map! Love that everyone going priest isn't super meta anymore, always hated that people went priest not because they had fun with priest but because there was no downside to it. Super active admins!


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[15:52:42] 18 players on this server. (18 totally in Wurm). Server is having decent population right now, for some reason it's not showing up in the server list and it's not showing up on though.

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