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Some mining tests and efficiency

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I hit 65.00 mining and wanted to see what veins would give me the best gains regardless of what mining guides or what other people say and based on the equipment I had on hand at the time. These were my findings:


Mining skill: 65.00

Tool used: 19QL pickaxe, steel (C85)

Best result: Normal copper (+/-0.09 skill gain per 25 ore; +/-0.37 skill gain per 100 ore; +/-26 minutes per 100 actions)

Comparisons: Good lead (0.30 skill gain per 100 ore) and Normal silver (0.30 skill gain per 100 ore)

Conclusion: I calculated it would take me +/-5 hours to reach 70 mining by the time I hit 66.24 mining.


I realized that if I was mining the wrong vein (e.g., the lead or silver shown above) I would end up wasting over an hour. This means that if you use sleep bonus when mining, you can end up wasting a significant amount of SB and silver (if you pay for sleep powders) over time. Finally, take into consideration all the time you would lose from say 0-90 mining if you end up picking the wrong veins along the way. While my tests are limited, it's enough of an eye opener at least for me. Would have been neat to see the skill gain difference with a 1QL pickaxe, steel (C85).


Just for kicks, I used my 89QL rare pickaxe, iron (W100C90) and came up with these results even though I knew this would happen ahead of time:


Rare Pick: 0.03 skill gain in 65 ore and 372s spent mining

Skiller Pick: 0.09 skill gain in 25 ore and 375s spent mining

Conclusion: Using my rare pick was 67% worse than using my skiller.


This is why I only use my rare pick for what it's really intended for and not for skilling. It was still fun to see just how much worse it would be though.



I forgot to mention I was using sleep bonus the entire time when doing these tests.

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Nice post, IMO these are good posts to point new players to.


Just out of curiosity, this makes me wonder how the normal copper vein compares to a normal iron vein and normal stone vein, which is generally what I'd be mining at 65 skill.


Party on, please post any more relevant data using that same skiller pick as your control.



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