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:) 71QL leather knife,iron 93botd- 2,5 silver

:lol:89QL ropetool, oak 86 botd-1,6silver

-_-86QL ropetool oak 80woa 85coc-1,6s

:wub:18QL ropetool oak 88coc-1,8s

:lol:80QLpickaxe,iron 85botd-1,5silver

-_-74QL pickaxe 86woa 79coc-1,5s

:)77QL pickaxe 83botd-1,3s

:rolleyes:83QL hatchet 86botd-1,6s

^_^83QL hatchet 84botd-1,4s

:mellow:84QL hatchet 90botd-2s

B)76QL hatchet 92botd-2,2s

^_^82QL hatchet 85botd-1,5s

:blink:72QL hatchet 82woa 72coc-1,5s

:D44QL large maul 73aosp 84coc 67N-2,6s

:P51QL huge axe 79MS 87coc 74LT 87N-5s

:lol:44QL bridle 83botd-1,3s

:)46QL bridle 84botd-1,4s

:P39QL saddle 88botd-1,8s

^_^78QL chisel 74woa-60c

^_^22QL grooming brush oak 73coc-60c

:wub:39QL carving knife 80woa-1s

-_-83QL scissors 71botd-80c




:wub:90QL clayshaper,oak 90botd-2,5silver

:D82QL spatula,oak 84botd-2silver

:rolleyes:83Ql mallet,oak 86 botd- 1,7silver

:o81QL mallet,oak 81botd-1,5silver




:lol:85QL large rat pelt 96botd-2,5 silver

B)85QL large rat pelt 92botd-2 silver

91QL large rat pelt 82botd-1s


=Meditation rugs=



^_^ 61QL meditation rug 87coc-1,5s

:)59QL meditation rug 85coc-1,3s

-_-8QL beautiful meditation rug 86coc-1,5s

:lol:11QL fine meditation rug 83coc-1,5s

;)13QL fine meditation rug 83coc-1,5s



:o5QL rare clay shaper, cedarwood- 4s

:D84QL rare horsheshoe-4s

:rolleyes:95QL fantastic tin knapsack-10s





:o98QL rice,10k-1s per k

:lol:98QL wemp 8k-1s per k



:blink:Bricks 3k-2s per k

^_^Mortar 1k-2,5s

-_-36QL hide 2,8k-2,5s

;)60QL hide 1,4k- 1,5s

:lol:83QL hide 400-1s per 100

:rolleyes:15QL wool 1,6k- 3,5s

:ph34r:1k cotton 75QL-1s

:wub:Animal bits all potencies and QL's alltogether 12,3k-1,5silver per k


PM Raldon or Zoranah ingame for info! Pickup Deli H8-Sunburst

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I'd do 2s on the 90 BOTD oak mallet, Cod to Theredreaper if okay.



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Buying these:

75 QL stone chisel ,iron 97 botd- 3silver

73QL file,iron 78botd- 80copper

90QL mallet,oak 91botd-2,5silver

71 QL scissors 81 coc- 1 silver

79QL pickaxe,iron 91botd-2,5silver


Please Cod to Goldgretel and thank you.

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Didnt see you had a new thread. :)

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