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My Pants Harbour

is currently accepting new citizens!


What is it?
My Pants Harbour is currently a workplace for traders who produce and export goods. Once finished, it will also be a public market, with our own inn, trading square, temple and auction house, where events that we'll promote will take place.


Who we are?

Traders! Anyone who join can either make and sell his own goods or join the Morgan Hill Trading Company, where we concentrate our productions in one big stock in order to maintain a steady supply.


Where we are?
Our harbour is strategically located at Xan B17, pretty close to the map's edge, where people can easily travel to and from.

What we offer?

Tools, security, knowledge and an opportunity to make money. We will need people who extract raw material, produce goods, negotiate, deliver or can do it all like I do! The goal is to cooperate and trade under the same flag, creating a stable, reliable and well known market.

Who are our partners?

My Pants Harbour is part of a HUGE alliance consisting of 27 settlements. We're also part of the Morgan Hill Trading Company.


What are our rules?

- Respect everyone.
- Respect everyone's property.
- Be nice and friendly with our citizens, allies and customers.
- Always welcome and offer help to newcomers and travelers.
- Keep the place nice and clean.
- Don't leave carts, containers, tools or whatever laying around. I'll throw it away or push it offdeed.
- Moor your ships/boats in an orderly fashion.
- Wherever you mine, reinforce it.
- Whenever you cut trees, remove the stumps.
- Don't dig for dirt or sand anywhere near any settlement, don't be a jerk.

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28 minutes ago, Toolhead said:

+1 great neighbor and a friendly businessman

Whoa thanks mate!

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