Silvermink Ranch, Independence

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I have a selection of 5 speed horses, bison, and hell horsesfor sale.


5 Speed:

Bison 35c ea

Hell Horses 50c ea



Horses 25c ea (old colors




Male: 1s

Female: 1s

Blood Bay:

Male: 1.25s

Female: 1.25s

Jet Black:

Male: 1.5s

Female: 1.5s

Freedom Wagons 50c with pickup

Wagon with 4 5-speed older horses 1s


Also available are Female Champion Mountain Lions 50c with pickup or 1s delivered.


I am located in the Crystal Canal, Independence Server. Delivery to most areas for orders over 1s.

Gems under 30ql accepted for payment 50i/ql, under 10ql 1c/ql


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updated stock

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