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the idea sounds fun but

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I have a couple friends on my steam that play this, have been attempting to get me to purchase it for quite some time actually. Here is what keeps me from it, this is in no way saying the game is bad so please dont take it that way, this is just a view from a no owner of the game looking at it from the outside. I got most all this information from watching video clips and screenshots.

The UI looks over complicated, click this to drop down this info, to pick a choice and drop down another window etc. Doesnt seem smooth.

No model collisions or not enough. Part of carts go right through solid items.

Stiff models. Seen a guy park his cart on a steep incline, the cart was correct but the horse was off the ground. But even the characters look very stiff and just seem to be lacking something. Maybe just trivial little details.

This is just rough look at the game and please once again I am not saying this as an insult to the game, but from a view from the outside looking in. As I look at the steam player count, the numbers are going down and I think its because people see some of what I listed and make the decision that 29.99 is too much money for the product. I am not saying its not worth it, I can not stress enough and ask please dont take this as an attack.

So why did I post? I see this game and it reminds me of back in the old EverQuest days. And what I hope will happen with this game is that the devs will convert this over to a unity or unreal engine, which I assume would take a large portion of the stiffness out of the game and pump in new blood into the veins. A low population of online players can kill a game just as quick as game breaking bugs.

Thank you for your time and look forward to informative replies.

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If you liked Everquest and you like complex systems but with as little or as much micro management as you want, and dont require immediate gratification from doing a single action  you will love Wurm.   I promise you.     It can be a mix of real time strategy, and kingdom building, and even survival depending on the server that Everquest never had.   You couldn't build a ship with your own virtual hands,  and sail around a complete virtual world in EverQuest.   Its probably one of the most original open sand box games ever created.     (personal opinion) 


If you're looking for modern graphics, combat sequences mixed with lots of animation for each, and thats all you care about...and require an end game scenario so you can say you beat the game...  probably not for you.  


SO my answer is...   Unity and unreal engines mean your looking for the latter, and here is your challenge with those engines to date... 

You're going to have a ton of terraforming issues with broken mesh, and geo tears....    but hey... you'll get your modern graphics you're looking for.. you just lose all the things that make Wurm Unique.   Variable bridges, variable houses, movable, shapeable terrain. 

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I would disagree with the terraforming issues. Games such as 7 days to die and the new no mans sky, both use have randomly generated environments/worlds. Now there is issues that each game has faced and either is or has worked on it to smoothen it out. Besides, I dont see how that would do anything but improve a game. The future is forward in technology which includes games. Now the race between game devs has cost us some of the older gameplay that we love but it dont have to. Look at all the games creeping into the VR world, how great would EQ, WoW, Conan, fishing planet etc. be with full VR support? 

My outside view is still the same, I do not see 29.99 here. Maybe if I made more money then the VA pays, I would be more loose with my funds and willing to gamble on $30. One of the things to consider is the fact I am just one person that is willing to chat and give his time to talk about it, how many people have thought they would play it or want it but like me, dont see it. Lack of activity or appearance of activity on a MMO is the silver bullet. We have seen that in past games.


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39 minutes ago, stephen777 said:

I do not see 29.99 here.


It maybe just isn't a game that appeals to you then.

It's a niche game, with people playing for over 10 years.


It's not really like any other game, so making comparisons is tough.


Simply, it's a slow paced, "3d" sandbox where you set your own goals.

The UI might look confusing at first, but it's actually extremely simple. Right click anything to see what you can do with it, then left click to do it. That's pretty much it.


It is a kind of clumsy game though... nothing is fluid. It's more like a strategy/idle game in that sense. It's all timers and actions.


It's 29.99 for Wurm Unlimited...but it's free to try Wurm Online. Try out the online game and see if you like it first. It's slower paced than WU but the gameplay is the same.

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