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WTS Freedom Nahjo Multi-Tool Priest / Epic HotS Starter PVP toon

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Due to life complications, I am going to try selling my Nahjo priest alt Revy.

Decent Multi-tool of a Freedom priest I used for Genesis/Strongwall/Mining everything, and other things (has Mining affinity).

Also did a little PVP on Epic HotS kingdom on the old Affliction map but nothing major, still HotS allied, never changed kingdoms (HotS FTW) 


Skills Link:   NOTE: Character name of R for Privacy Reasons,

EPIC Skills available to serious buyers on request as do not want to public disclose them for PVP reasons.


Notable Freedom Skills:

Mining*:                 81.85   (Rare Affinity, also worth noting Nahjo priest CAN mine!)       

Channeling:           35.03

Faith:                     75.58

Prayer:                  55.56  (Can get chance for Gems from praying)

Fletching:              35.46  (Can help make arrow shafts, or arrows)

Carpentry:             45.03  (For sawing boards)

Stone Cut/Mason: 30.70  (Can help cut bricks) 

Digging:                 32.35  (Can see some slope numbers for better riding)           

Prospecting:          40.57  (Can find ores)

Pottery:                 71.00  (Compasses? Mainly for SoulDepth Grinding I did)

Milling:                   34.00

Fight Skill:              48.04



Soul Strength:       30.33

Soul Depth:           25.64

Mind Logic:           29.53  (Can sail all the boats, Almost 4 que actions)

Body Strength:     27.62

Body Stamina:     27.29

Body Control:       21.02  (Can Ride Horses)



Freedom side comes with a few things. some pickaxes, basic tools, Cloth Armor set, and a gold statuette of Nahjo. (Maybe more stuff I have laying around il toss in). Location: Far NE of Xanadu (C-23) 

Epic side comes with a bunch of goodies like casted tools/weps and full set of plate, is in a mostly safe location. (Have screenshot of inventory for serious buyers)


Selling Information: Account does NOT currently have Premium Time

Want the account to go to a good home. 

Serious PM Offers but money only accepted (Euro or USD to Paypal)..No tradesthough I will trade for a Edelmann level Shroud of the Avatar account. (Had to try =p).


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