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Warrior's Mining Store

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Minimum order of 10s which includes free coastal delivery, this may change in future if the shop becomes popular.

Can also put 90+coc/woa on any lumps for 2s each cast.

I may not always have every vein type available.

Iron (1000 lumps), Rock shards (1000)

70ql 1.5s 

80ql 2s

90ql 3s

95ql 4s

100ql pm me


Copper, Zinc, Lead, Tin, Slate (1000 lumps)

70ql 2s

80ql 2.5s

90ql 4s

95ql 5s


Silver, Gold, Marble (1000 lumps)

70ql 3s

80ql 4s

90ql 6s

95ql 7s


Will also accept the the following in exchange:

Sleep powders - 1s each

Scale pieces (0.01kg) - 60c each

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christ youre turning into kabill



also guy is a badass seller, keeps it fast too ;)

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