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Move > Turn self clockwise

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Existing functionality:

  • An object that has been rotated is aligned to the world grid; the very first 'turn' action will adjust it to the nearest 22.5o increment of a 16-pointed full circle.
  • A cart rotated before hitching animals will allow perfectly straight road travel, and any animal unhitched from such a cart will keep that same heading.
  • Disembarking onto a tile places oneself on the center; decorative objects can then be adjusted with greater ease:
    • by aligning one's center-cursor at visual benchmarks:
      • distant objects known to be on your same centerline (roofs, lamps, vanishing point of road)
      • faint graphical lines that quarter each tile and intersect at the tile center (under your feet)
    • by pulling an object onto your exact center (of the tile), then pushing it from that center:
      • objects 'pulled' will be pulled towards the puller and are unaffected by heading
      • objects 'pushed' will be pushed in a direction relative to the pusher's heading


Suggested improvements:

  • A pair of commands that would turn the actual body 90o from current, similar to the existing [GLANCE_LEFT] and [GLANCE_RIGHT] lookspring commands
  • The ability to rotate one's own self to allow alignment with the world grid and positioning objects with definite and easy accuracy
    • The rotate function could be employed by several methods:
      • clicking on the 'body' icon to 'turn' yourself like any object
      • clicking on the compass window to select one cardinal direction to face
      • keybindings that rotate you left/right regardless of cursor position



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5 minutes ago, RockyBalboa said:

I made the choice to restart the game client just before attaching the last piece to complete the pylon (knowing that I would respawn facing exactly north), in order to ensure the squareness of its placement once completed and spat out in front of me -- and my concern proved valid as it does not appear possible to rotate the finished pylon.


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