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Rare Plate Gaunlet, Steel 85 QL - 3s

Rare Scissors, Iron, 89.80 QL (40 Woa, 37 Coc) - 4.5s 

Rare Small Anvil, Iron 78 QL 72 Woa 73 Coc - 7.5s  7s

Rare Needle 89 QL 69 Coc 63 Woa - 3.5s

Rare Large Shield, Oak 11 QL - 5s

Rare Rope Tool, Oak 35 QL - 3.5s

Rare Plate Leggings, Steel 85 QL 88 AoSP - 6.5s

Rare Black Cloth Pants, Cotton 39 QL - 4s

Rare Pickaxe 80 QL 75 Woa 72 Coc - 7.5s

Rare Pickaxe 91 QL 97 Woa 86 Coc - 12s

Rare Butchering Knife 57 QL 80 Coc - 7s

Rare Unfinished Fireplace - 6s

Rare Forge 78 QL - 8s


Leave post here, or PM me in game or on the forums

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