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Initially considered placing this in a bee-keeping thread...


Wax or beeswax.


Sure it could be used for more aesthetic uses ingame as wax seals (moneysink item) on papyrus.


Wax could also be added as a way of preserving prepared food items and raw materials.


One possible implementation could be some mix of pottery jars and amphora, sealed with wax. Possibly akin to the current ingame mechanics of attaching locks, unsure how much of that code could be recycled.


To balance the advantage of keeping food longer, the food has to be first removed to be consumed or used. As a result, the wax seal is broken, and the container would have to be resealed again to keep preservation.


Breaking the seal would also give a slight amount of leftover wax, perhaps lower ql. Can be combined with new wax in the usual manner.


EDIT: Heck possibly wooden barrels as well; though, perhaps adding a cork wood tree would make for a better new resource, especially if cork wood comes out with glassmaking.

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I would like to build a house of wax from all those bodies, rather than eating their flesh.




like you wax a sea serpent and it does not rot on your deed

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