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[WU] Random Map Option

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I like to explore, and not know what is around the next bend, and the maps on WU don't lend themselves to exploration. Granted, with the tools made by the community (so maybe this is a community suggestion too), having an option to create a random map we don't see until we log in and explore would be a cool option.


1 - Select random map on the server window.

2 - Press the Generate button

3 - Wait for the program to create a random land

4 - Log in and explore!


You could go a step further and take Wurm Online to the next level and procedurally create a new map, nay, an entire planet for us to explore. Not knowing what is around the next corner, or over the next hill would be amazing, and there would never be a cry of "there's no land to deed."


Thoughts on either?

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Second part wouldn't work.  Would be really cool but can you just imagine the lag?  Code Club is just a small company with a small budget.  Also, it's not needed.   Xan "solved" the no place to deed problem.   Only people who say that now are people to lazy to walk more then 10 mins from a start town.  Or those to lazy to terraform their own place.

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