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Free scale creation and imp service

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If you have the necessary raw materials to make a scale set, but lack the plate smithing skill, let me know.  I will create the armour set for you from your raw scale at no cost, beyond CoD backwards and forwards.  I'll also optionally imp the set to 70 as part of the deal.  I can do 80 or 90 ql imps for a small charge if desired.


You need minimum 5.8kg of scale to make a set, colour doesn't matter (as the colours can be combined into each other).  You do need at least one piece of whatever colour you need.  If you don't have enought for a full set, I'm happy to make pieces as you have the material available - I will return any unused scraps along with the armour pieces.


You can contact me via PM here or in-game (same name).

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