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auction piebald foal male "Nadaebony" all natural not from inbreeding..

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Male piebald foal just born has 2 speeds carry more and strong legs and has keen senses and unusually strong and healthy this is an auction





bidding starts at:  2 silvers..

increments... minimum of 50 coppers 

snipe protection of 1 hour 

no reserve

no buyouts 


will deliver on xanadu for winning bid.. please and thanks... now let the bidding begin...

otherwise pickups at Vrock Landing ..

have a selection of reg. colours i can bring to fill rope 


edit: Not from inbred parents then fixed by priest.. all natural no magic...

edit: WIll live longer with health trait and disease resistance trait.... from good strong parents Southlighning male piebald and his loverly wife Zoefast a gray haired dame about town...


edit: This horse will sire many many fine horses..

Edited by Psalamon

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closer up till some newbie fools come looking..   can u erase that last bit.. please..../...  pretty pretty please??

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