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Kopingsvik & Northern Lights Coastline Bulk supply and stuff

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Kopingsvik Store & Northern Lights Coastline

Locations: Independence North west corner

We sell everything mostly Builk goods.

Rares and stuff like that will be listed later.

Contact us: Nachtiti (EU) - Takaluah (US)

custom order is that you have to send a message for that unit and QL you want.


Big orders and Repeat costumer will get some special price.

Goods for sale

QL Random QL QL60 QL80+
Corn QL91 Any amount 1S/1K    
Iron Lump custom order custom order  
Zinc Lump custom order custom order  
Lead Lump custom order custom order  
Copper Lump custom order custom order  
Silver Lump custom order ----------------  
Gold Lump custom order ---------------  
Marble Shard custom order custom order  
Rock Shard 1s / 1000 -----------  
Large Nail 1,5S / 1000    
Small Nail 1,5S / 1000    
Fence Bar 1S / 100    
Large Chainlink ------------    
Frying pan 1s / 100    
Sauce pan 1s / 100    
Lamps 1,5S / 100    
Street Lamps 2S / 100    
Armor Chain      
Dirt 80C/1k    
Plank 1s / 1000    
Shaft 1s / 1000    
Hull Planks -----------    
Tennon ----------    
Pegs ---------    
Deck board ----------    
Stone briks 2S / 1000    
Mortar 2,5S / 1000    
Clay 1s / 1000    
Colossus Briks 2S / 1000    
Logs 20C / 100    
Support Beams 1S / 100    


Tools and Enchants coming soon

Delivery Fee:

Indy north = free

Indy south = 50c

Other server 1.5S

Payments: Coins first, maybe sleeping powder, referrals.


Rowing Boat Random QL with lock and anchor 1S with delivery
Small sailing Boat Random QL with lock and anchor 2S with delivery
Corbita Custom Order
Cog Custom Order
Knarr Custom Order
Caravel Custom Order



Digging jobs 1S / 1k dirt or 1k actions
Mining Jobs 1S / 20 Walls or 1k Actions
Guard Tower 15S + Incl Mats
Colossus 20S + Incl Mats


If you want anything that is not listed send a PM here or to me and we will try to solve it for you.


In Stock

Zinc Lump QL60 1400 Iron Lump QL91 65unit
Lead Lump QL50 1300 Zinc lump QL83 197Unit
Silver ore Randome QL 1500 Copper Lump QL82 40Unit





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I would like to order 100 support beams delivered to Release, only travel by water 

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[20:19:48] <Lolacopter> cod me the rare shaft

[20:23:57] <Nachtiti> [20:23:52] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.

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I would Like to order 2k Colossus bricks 50q or better Quality. Xan  Perls P14  My Port is Dea Vacca P15.

I am willing to pay more for better Quality bricks.

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