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WTS 80-90ql Pelts for beginners

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Hi all,


I am getting rid of my lower end pelt stocks and instead of just putting them in a trash heap I decided to 'sell' them to beginners that need them for a basic price.



  • one per person
  • you will get a random pelt of 80-90ql
  • cost is 9c per pelt (+1c for mailing, so 10c total)


Only have a limited amount of pelts, so make sure you PM me in game (/tell Thorakkanath your_message_goes_here) or reply to this thread with your in-game name

Be sure to tell your friends as well, I would like for this offer to reach as many beginners as possible


PS. to receive the mail you need access to a mailbox (one of the four existing models: spirit house, spirit mansion, spirit cottage, spirit castle) that has a courier cast of any power (when examining it you see the message: Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [xx] ), that is empty and you need the 10c in your bank. It does not matter if the mailbox is on a deed or in the middle of nowhere.

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Im new and interested in your offer.

Name in game: Badatenglish


Thanks :)



I actually managed to aquire some pelts but i dont know how to delete a post if its even possible, sorry.

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