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Village recruitment board, additional contacts

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As far as I know, current Village Recruitment Board allows to send a message only to the author of the ad and only if he/she is online.


I would like to see an option to include other village members with "Invite citizens" role in the recruitment ad (without typing their names in the actual advertisement).


For examples...

  • if the author is not online, but there is another recruiter available, then have him/her to show up as the contact person (and an option to send a pm)
  • if there are several recruiters, then maybe just display one who logged in most recently (best chances to not be afk?)
  • or just have one button to send a pm to all online recruiters; everyone wants new players, I'm sure the spam isn't disturbing anyone ;)


As a bonus improvement, if a new player checks the board, ads with online contacts should be listed first.

As an extra bonus improvement, all starter deeds should have a recruitment board right next to the refresher guy.


Cheers, carry on! B)

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