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Deed Map to SVG

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I took a couple nights off from the game and created an MVC web app that parses Deed Planner XML data and outputs SVG tags representing the tiles, trees, and walls.


Yeah, it's 2D for now. 3D might be out of my league...

There are ~12,000 lines of XML in my *.MAP file

The code generates over 17,000 lines of SVG

Because SVG can be class targeted, I can toggle types of object on/off with simple jquery.

The top is west because I had to invert my coordinate model. Initially the map was a mirror image.


Once my little project was done, and I had some time to look at my deed map from this perspective, I was able to see a bunch of  Wurm projects that I need to focus on:

  • Finish my intra-deed round cobble walking paths
  • Finish my animal pens
  • Grass up some packed dirt my animals packed down
  • Get rid of some cobblestone walkways 


Other cool things I noticed:

  • The scattering of random lemons near my 12 x 6 grove of lemon trees
  • My J reversed J cobble stone floor decoration looks like an anchor. 




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