I'm Back! ~Again!~

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You heard that right deli, I'm back! Last time I set foot on you was in 2013 and here I am again! Returned to wreak havoc as Orias The Deranged only could! Alright well maybe not havoc, build up a little off deed place, pester the usual oldies I know. Probably do some masonry work for a person or two. You know the usual. Might start up the delivery service from a ways back. Who knows eh?


So who're the main blade and tool smiths now in case I need to start ordering stuff to get going... I'm a sucker for good tools... I only ever bought my tools from Nicrolis in the past, so who's who and what's what?

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Im still here :P Glad to see you back. Odynn is the one i go to for enchants and tools. Im 98 blacksmithing now, but work has me busy so im only on late at night.

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