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Light Houses and Windmills

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This has been mentioned before but wanted to put it out there again.


We need Light Houses in Wurm.  That's all there is to it.  What's the point of having ships and all this sailing without Light Houses.  They should make light houses be something that can be seen from far away when it's lit up.  So even if the rest of the map or graphics load because it's far away, you should still be able to see the direction of a Light House.  Make it something like a colossus to build.  Can only be build near water and can't be built near another one like a guard tower, but make it much further range so there are not too many light houses all over.


Put in some Windmills for decor but also to grind up huge amount of mats.  If anything having an animated Windmill would be cool anyways without grinding.

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As a player that just built a place, that stands 6 floors up. Though for sure, once I placed braziers on the four corners, when nightfall came, the glow of such a beacon could not really be seen unless close up.

It's 10 tiles from the shoreline and 20 tiles from the nearest guard tower.

Usually a lightnouse was built as marker, a beacon, for someone to see from the crow's nest, as the location of a harbor or as a marker of a water hazard.

Braziers were what was used within a lighthouse, often a polished metal disc was added to direct the illumination of the flame. Lighthouse of Alexandria.


As for windmills, Holland's windmills come to mind, used to pump water. Of course, there are millhouses that used the wind to make miel from corn, flour of wheat and rye.

Having such a building would be nice, an additional profession available to players in game, than just having a milling stone.

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