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Vend a Horse!!

Where you can get all your horse's needs.

Where are located south of Lormere at Q 15

We deliver. 

Delivery cost may vary.


Our prices are:

All animals are 5 speeds with no negative traits

Aged and younger

Horses that come in

White, Gold, Black and Brown

for 50 copper each.


Bison at 75 copper each.

Hell horses at 1 silver each.


Wagons at 50QL for 1 silver 

Horse shoes 40 copper a set of 4 of 50ql

Large Crates 10 copper each

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selling errors

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:o For Saturday and Sunday ONLY :o

its buy 3 and get 1 free sale.

That means you get 3 horses

and the 4th

one is free:lol:

Same for horse shoes to.


:lol:Wagons have a great sale to.:lol:

Buy a wagon with a team

:blink: that team is half off. :blink:

That means you pay for the wagon and two

horses/bison/hell horses

and the other two are free:lol:

And I only have 2

:blink: So get them while you can :blink:

I well deliver anywhere in Xanadu

some restrictions may apply

:( Sorry ya'll :(

B) PM me for more details. B)

:D Don't miss out on a good sale!! :D

Ends on 20th morning


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BELATED ANNOUNCEMENT (sheepish look.... I should've done this already)


I am pleased to announce that Dracaa has taken over ownership and management of Vend A Horse a short while back. I wish her a lot of success and have every confidence that she will do a great job with the place. I have worked with her during the transition on how things had been done before and operations should continue on much as they did previously. She will be continuing on with my old policies of never selling negative traited animals or animals that are older than aged, and the tons of breeders from my main deed that I used were moved to her residence also; so they even come from the same numerous long bloodlines that have not been crossed. You can rest assured that Vend A Horse will remain the best place on Xanadu to get a huge selection of the best bred horses, bison, and hell-horses. You still will not find a better place for great customer service, pricing and selection anywhere on Wurm! Help Dracaa celebrate by visiting and taking advantage of the sale  :)


As a side note, even though I have retired from Vend A Horse, if you have purchased a wagon from Vend A Horse with my name as maker I will continue to honor the free imping policy but you will need to contact me to set up a time to connect and I will meet you at Vend a Horse and re-imp your wagon for you at no charge. I believe Dracaa will be continuing this practice on her own wagons but I do not wish to wear her out having to imp the tons of them I made as well lol

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Thank you for the great service and I made a new friend. I will be a returned customer

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