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Everien Isle Market (Xanadu - J24)

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Everien Isle Market is now open and accepting merchants!

Centrally located on the East Coast of Xanadu at J24, this market is easily accessible from nearly anywhere by land or by sea!


28 Merchant spaces (4 are already spoken for) and soon to be 6 forges, 3 ovens and a looms in each of the 4 public workshops.

5sp Horses and Bison will be available via 16 on deed livestock pens and a Key Merchant.

Coming Soon! - Beds to rest your weary heads after a long days work or travel.

If you happen to be hungry, head to the Great Hall at nearby Everien Shores, the oven is usually stuffed with Malokai's Miracle Meals! (70-90ql)!

GsNAodj.jpg  GyVXaKW.jpg




While we are building, we are offering room and board for all travelers in the Great Hall at Everien Shores.

The Great Hall is open for all to use!


Everien Shores village is nearby with horses, bison, bulk crops, materials, ship building services, and a public Cathedral with Vynora, Magranon and Fo altars.

We can make altars for the newer religions, just need someone to bless them!


Everien shores




Come visit us or contact Caroligan and Malokai for more information!





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Have 1000 tiles of farm available for your 96QL veggie/fiber needs - PM Malokai to arrange your custom farm order.   :D


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Now parked alongside the Market and ready for immediate sale!


Caravel - 15s

Knarr - 9s

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Horses in-stock as of 7/2/2016:  All Mature or younger.  5-speeds, and only 5-traits = excellent breeders for AH of 50-59.  PM Malokai or Caroligan if in the local area of J24 to arrange your sale.

50c each

Can make shoes up to 90ql, and saddles up to 80ql on request.  (advance notice appreciated - no while-you-wait orders!)



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