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Castle and Home Defences

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Not sure if this has been a thread in the suggestions.


Perhaps it could added if the mechanics in the game would allow for it.

There are guard towers, but what about towers that players could build themselves to defend their lands?

Having parapets and hig walls, if there could be a way to improve on these so players could defend with bow, by releasing arrows without being informed there is a wall in the way.

Orielles are nice. Add a nice cosmetic appearance to your building of walls. Could they also serve another purpose, 'murder holes' as seen in many castles throughout Europe?

With the ability to build underground structures, might be possible to build pits and moats with arrow slits and be able to actually release an arrow through that slit, like the orielle.

Also, have found that I can't release an arrow over a fence or even a railing, like the timber balcony as you are informed that you can't shoot through a wall.

You can walk through an arch but can't reach through a wall (arch) to remove an item from a container.

Is there anyway to change this?

It would be nice to be able to build archery towers and defences to home builds.

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I would love some sort of PvE towers that would function as the freedom guards do right now. Short range, 5-ish tiles. No auto shoot but acts on "help" calls. Can only be built on deed, fast decay when deed disbands. 10 or x tiles distance required to build another such building.

May require "loading" with war arrows to function and have range depend on quality.

Something to have a more "castle-ish" look.

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Being able to have an active role in the defence of your deed would be nice. Having an NPC archery tower may nice, but do like the idea of being able to load up on arrows within your home is a good idea.

As a player, there are no benefits, or even skill improvement if an NPC defends your deed. Also defeats the purpose of being skilled at archery if all you do is fight off hostiles while on the ground.

Been told, that in pvp servers, archers are used in ship-to-shore softening of opponents. Why can't it be the same if you are on your deed, and be able to combat hostiles from a distance atop a battlement that can take damage from opposing hostile?

It's difficult for me to understand the mechanics, eg an arch, that allows an action to be completed upon terrain through said arch, but can't reach into a container or release an arrow through, as it states you can't reach or fire through wall, but can walk through.

The only thing that can be done is to make the top of a tower, floor without walls (no defence) which would be the purpose of having orielles (not just cosmetic) to have defence while engaging a hostile. Visual is obstructed, but that's okay. It's a trade off. Atop a tower could have ramparts.

Could even benefit players in caves if a hostile encounter attacks, can retreat back behind defences.

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