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Pearl Town-PVE 200x skill, 80x action, mods

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Pearl town is a dedicated server hosted in France.The map is the original Ocrea with several changes.
Its a free PVE server with bounty system and lowered deed cost/upkeep.
The 200 skill and 80 action rate give dinamic gameplay without loosing all the challanges.
The server have around 16 mods all to unlease the limits meditation priesthood farming etc.
Phobia mod is installed so spiders have different modells.
The two altar moved near to the spaw point (10 min walk).
I created a cannal middle of the map to connect east and west seas.
The starter town have publik mine, traders, market stallls and more may come.
If you want to know more from this server visit the forum:

Server IP:

The server and forum still under dev.





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Ah ha! You have created your own server now. Nice! The starter Village looks very well done. I remember your small harbor deed next to Blossom on Pristine which I liked very much, until of course it was sold and the new owner messed up all the quaint beauty of it.


I saw your Village on Taumriel too so I am glad to see you have decided to create your own server with the skill and action timers similar to those there. Hopefully you will not adopt their very shallow dirt layer which makes building there very inconvenient, needing to do a lot of surface mining. A mistake to do that I would say.


Anyway, I wish you the best with your new server and with your building talents I am sure it will turn out well. Perhaps I will pop in sometime to check it out.



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Admin shop: Four merchant full with masks  xmas gifts ada&glimmersteel lumps (thay cant mine) and come decorative items.

New mod: Action timer fix. This fixed terraforming, praying etc timers so thay have now the 80x boost.
Bounty boost: Balanced and boosted money gain from creature killing (+20-50%)
Mods update.

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Admin shop: New items as rarity strange bones for example.
New mod: Surface mining (mine surface as the cave).
Cave Dwellings is on (for own risk).

Upcoming 2 events soon.

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