Divine Missions (please add)

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I would like to put forward the suggestion to have deity missions be expanded.


This is a two part suggestion:

Suggestion 1:   Add more than one mission to a Deity at a time; very few people are going to drop everything and "build a temple" especially when it's halfway around the world. Please include other missions, such as building a colossus, or Sacrificing a large number of crafted goods, or a massive number of harvested goods.


Suggestion 2:  Why not add target missions that could utilize the excesses on a server?  

  • Such as sacrificing large amounts of farmed goods, lumber, kindling, etc.  (the easier an item is to attain the higher the number of items needed to be sac'ed)
  • For crafting missions, allow crafters to Sac items and have it add to a threshold.  using 10, 80QL spears should garner more than 10, 30 QL spears for example.
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