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READ BEFORE POSTING - Other Bugs and Issues

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If you are having issues with things outside of the game, please post here so the reports don't get lost in the server or client bug threads or in other areas of the forum.


It would be great if you could preface your post TITLE with the specific area you are reporting.  For example:


[Forums] My text only displays in Wingding Font

[Website] Clicking the Wurm Online icon takes me to Page not Found

[Shop] The shop page will not open in Firefox

[Registration] I've been waiting for 3 days for my email

[Mail]  The newsletter arrived but it's black text on black background



Please do NOT post personal or private information when reporting a problem (like your passwords or full email address, etc.)   With email issues, it's often important that you report your email domain, like Yahoo or Gmail or AOL.  If more information is needed, you will be instructed here how to proceed.

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